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  2. i really need help with my german grammar!

    Hey there. Welcome to linguaholic.com Hallo Helena! Wir sind jetzt in Thailand. Wir baden jeden Tag und abends gehen wir manchmal in die Stadt. (You can stick to present tense here as you are mentioning in the beginning as you are thailand right now). Wir haben auch einen grossen Tempel besucht und Ich habe viel fotografiert. Vielleicht kann ich dir dann die Bilder zeigen, sobald ich nach Hause gekommen bin. Wir haben wirklich tolles Wetter! Die Sonne scheint und der Himmel ist wolkenlos. Das Meer is so herrlich! Die Leute hier sind sehr freundlich und ich liebe das Leben hier. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald! Dein Freund. ----> (little bit weird). Better say something like "Liebe Grüsse or Bis Bald" oh yes and cloud is "bewölkt", so for instance. "Der Himmel ist bewölkt".
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  4. Yes, movies with subtitles help me to learn a language.
  5. HI i am a beginner in german and i was wondering if you could take a look at my text. I need to write a postcard about a vacation to a friend and i am very unsure about my grammar. Hallo Helena! Wir sind jetzt in Thailand. Wir haben jeden Tag gebadet und am abends gehens wir in der Stadt. (Or is it am abends haben wir in der Stadt gegangen? Does it make sense?) Wir haben auch in der grosse Tempel besucht. Ich habe fotografiert viel (Can you say that?) Vielleicht kann ich dir die bilde zeige wann ich zu Hause kommt. Wir haben wirklich tolles Wetter! Die sonne scheint und der Himmel ist wolkenlos. Der Meer is so herrlich! Die Leute hier sind sehr freundlich und ich liebe das leben hier. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald! Deine Freund. Is it ok or is it a complete train wreck? i was also wondering was cloudy was in german? I know cloud is Wolken but if it is cloudy, is it es ist wolke?
  6. This is in Spanish: 1. ¿Cuál es el número de su camión? 2. ¿Tiene usted algunos documentos? ¿Son los únicos documentos que tiene? 3. ¿Cuál es su número de viaje? ¿Se puede ver sus sms? 4. ¿Sabe lo que es cargado en su camión? ¿Cuántos embalajes? 5. Necesita un documento de exportación. 6. Necesita un documento de importación. 7. Necesita un documento de tránsito. 8. Sus documentos están en la caja azul. 9. Ve a la aduana con sus documentos. 10. Tomará 15 minutos/1 hora – vuelva en 1 hora 11. Ve a la puerta de al lado para... 12. Ve a la aduana. Está en el edificio de al lado. 13. Conduzca hacia la aduana a la frontera sueca. 14. Ve a la aduana con estos documentos, después vuelva a nuestra oficina. 15. No tenemos documentos/órdenes/disposiciones por este camión. 16. Llame su jefe. 17. Necesitamos un correo electrónico con el orden/la disposición. 18. El negocio que hace sus documentos es... 19. Estamos esperando los documentos/un correo electrónico/una llamada. 20. La aduana debe indagar este caso. 21. Vuelva mañana.
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  8. Best Free Apps for Language Learning

    I like to use XOXOMary to improve my American English accent.
  9. I'm enjoying all the Spanish and English loanwords. I'll be visiting the Philippines after only 3.5 months of study, so it will be interesting to see how easy it really is.
  10. "Hungry one, reach for the book: it is a weapon." Thanks.
  11. native seakers of: NEO-ARAMAIC, MUSCOGEE, BAHAMAS CREOLE, KIKONGO, and BAMBARA are needed to translate an English article to the above listed dialects..if interested?? kindly drop a message on translationafrika@larope.org for further discusion..thanks...(please indicate which you are fluent at)
  12. What could have happened is correct. Online English Classes
  13. Hi, for my university classes my group plans to develop a free form language evaluation tool, as part of the process, we need to perform a market study as such i would greatly appreciate it if you could spend 5 minutes to answer this form. https://goo.gl/forms/jkNoy0d3fwiyC8yj2 I posted in this section because I was afraid of breaking the forum rules, but if there is a more appropriate section please warn me so I can post it there. If you have anything to add or any question, fell free to post it here. Thank you for your time.
  14. Please help to write this simbols to can do copy - paste from here. Thank You.
  15. Kamusta or Kumusta?

    I've seen both "kamusta" and "kumusta" in written form, but it sounds more like "komusta" to me.
  16. Yes, I've been talking to a German man online for about 18 years, and only recently been practising German with him
  17. Thanks for replying, that's helpful to me. Although I didn't think pronouncing it different ways would have different meanings. I meant that it takes a lot of effort to learn how to pronounce R the German way which I thought is the proper way, with the gargle from back of the throat, so was wondering if I heard people pronouncing the R without coming from back of the throat, then why do some pronounce the same word with the R that sounds like gargle and some not? When I went to France and was trying to pronounce a word with R I said it the same as I do in England and they didn't understand me, but when I said the same word with the R from the back of the throat they understood me. I wasn't sure if that's the same in Germany
  18. There is an useful site for learning English by watching movies: https://widkow.com/ You pick any movie and it lists all the unknown words + translates them into your native language. It is great to learn vocabulary.
  19. 和 actually means Peace in Chinese as well...
  20. Pinutile I may be new to this forum...but are questions similar to this one..not the reason for said forum(s)? ..but i digress, because, i do not believe that i would be able to facilitate an appropriate answer capable of someone such as your self, to understand...not because it is too complex but rather, too simple. Your answer, was however, a very good one, i will certainly give you that!!!!
  21. we can have some conversations here on Linguaholic if you want. I am studying Mandarin Chinese as well. best, Lingua
  22. I am looking for people to speak with in Mandarin!! Either via text or talk!! moyejoel95@gmail.com OR Reply here/ message via Linguaholic
  23. TL: English. NL: Spinish

    hi, i studied spanish in high school for several years. it has been a couple years but would be interested in getting back into it?!?!
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  25. Hi, guys When the task is to memorize vocabulary, if you have the right tools it can be really easy http://1redenglish.blogspot.com.co 5000 Most common English Words with meaning How to remember English words forever with 5000 English Words in Mp3 Format The best way to memorize vocabulary with the most common English words Each Mp3 file contain a Specific Word with its pronunciation, IPA Symbols and meaning Like the lyrics in a song
  26. Hello There This is a cool blog where you'll find Podcasts, funny videos and useful stuffs like vocabulary http://1redenglish.blogspot.com.co How to remember English words forever with 5000 English Words in Mp3 Format The best way to memorize vocabulary with the most common English words Each Mp3 file contain a Specific Word with its pronunciation, IPA Symbols and meaning Embedded Lyrics in ID3 Tag Build Vocabulary easily with Mp3 Files
  27. Hi everyone I love learning languages. It is my passion! I started a blog where I share my journey of learning languages. I try to explain the things that I studied and learned in a simple way, I believe that it is a good practice for me. If you are interested in learning Japanese, Korean or Chinese, please take a look at my blog, you might like it! https://mylanguageslearningjourney.blogspot.com/2017/11/japanese-another-usage-of.html#more
  28. I can easily memorize 20 words a day if play daily. But like all study, really need to study consistently. Now I able to recognise 300+ words just from this app Playstore:- Learn Memorize Chinese Blog:- http://learn-memorize-chinese.blogspot.my/2016/04/this-is-website-that-can-enable-you-to.html
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