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  2. Based on my teaching and learning languages experience, I share several ideas on some external aspects that can slow down your learning process in this blog post: http://burupo.com/en/learn-russian-faster-barriers/
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  4. Hi there. I'm new to this site. My native language is Spanish and I'm learning English on my own. I would like to learn other languages later, maybe French and Russian, but not before I reach an intermediate/advanced level in English. So far I have spent my time reading and listening about different subjects, ESL and non-ESL, like art, politics, languages, etc. I have learned a bit about phonetics and the IPA, about accents in different countries and regional accents in the same country. I still have problems to understand some native English speakers, in particular those who talk like if they were drunk or something. Anyway, my immediate ambitions are improving my listening skills and start to "produce" English. I just want to be able to communicate with people in the Internet. That's it. I'm glad I found this site. Beautiful, beautiful site.
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  6. Unity in diversity (Arabic) Our roots are diverse (Western Frisian) Support inclusion (Yiddish) May no ocean separate us (Gaelic) Promote understanding (Georgian) Consider new ideas earnestly (French, preferably a northern dialect) Consider even your supposed enemies (Korean or Mongolian) Fragmentation gives way to animosity (Xhosa) Thrive even through adversity (Any stigmatized creole language, preferably not truly threatened or endangered) Take note of the past (preferably Pennsylvania German. Palatinate German or Standard German would also work, though) Anyone who knows any of the needed languages is encouraged to comment! Thanks to all who help me out!
  7. Hi everyone! I am new member here. I would like to say a little about my learning experience online. I registered at the Verbalplanet website. I want to improve my English. You can choose tutors there. My tutor was ma'am Nada. She was really friendly and patient. We practiced vocabulary. I really like the session. The website is not very expensive. The first lesson is free which is great. I will definitely keep going to classes and I recommend Verbalplanet for people who want to learn language from their homes.
  8. Hi Tanya! Excellent introduction. I would like to learn English better so I signed in to Verbalplanet website and had one free lesson there. It was great! My teacher Nada was very kind and friendly. I plan to keep going to her lessons to learn more
  9. @Fastlearner This forum section is for people who want to find people who can speak their target language, not for people who can't.
  10. My father can talk english, russian, italian, greek, german. He was my motivation to learn more languages and cultures.
  11. The desire to communicate with a partner and honour their culture can accelerate language learning. Of course, this doesn’t apply to romantic relationships exclusively. Cross-cultural friendships can fuel one’s integrative motivation.
  12. Personally i used Rosetta Stone for 3 weeks to learn Russian. I was satisfied but i searched for other platforms to learn english and italian. Memrise is a good platform also.
  13. I think German is a very difficult language. I am using on line platforms talking with others, but still i can't. I want to learn the basics because i travel a lot the last 3 years.
  14. Hello, you can also talk with members of https://ijtalk.com/ about bilingualism from Spanish-speaking countries.
  15. Ok thank you
  16. If you know Busuu website/app then this is for you I have a limited number of accounts that have the offer So what's the offer ? more than 90% off on the 2 year Premium membership !! check it out: https://rocketr.net/buy/2207afe54293 and a special offer for this forum 4 accounts of 6 months Premium membership totally FREE. check it out: https://rocketr.net/buy/2ede3abbd942 If you don't know Busuu then I suggest to check their website: https://www.busuu.com/en/about
  17. Hey, I'm Ahmed, yes you guessed it I'm Arabic and to be specific Egyptian
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  19. Personally i am using https://ijtalk.com about spanish, russian and english. You can practice any language with real people for free
  20. Congratulations about your knowledge and your passion to keep learning. You have to keep going no matter what, do that you love !
  21. The position of adverbs in sentences. In English we never put an adverb between the verb and the object.
  22. In Russia, there are a list of words that are called мат (mat), which is short for ма́терный язы́к [ˈmatʲɪrnɨj jɪˈzɨk]. Some of the words below are on the list. These words can actually get you in trouble in Russia, because they can be considered disorderly conduct (mild hooliganism). These words are censored in the media. Last months using https://ijtalk.com i have reached the basic level al least.
  23. 日本学科の二年生です。(I'm a second year student of the Japanese course.) → 2年間、日本語を勉強しています。 (I've been studying Japanese for 2 years.) これはリンクです (This is a link) → リンクは (The link is) I'm not a native speaker myself, but I've been learning Japanese since 2008 myself. Am I eligible too? :3 掲示板へようこそ。 もう宜しくお願いいただきました。 そうして、難しになったら、申し訳ありませんでした。
  24. Hello, please make a new topic next time.
  25. Hello welcome i am new to here. I think it s a great forum, you can learn lot s of things here.
  26. If you know that it's pronounced "kernel", it's easy to pronounce. But if you were new to the English language and didn't know that, you would never pronounce it correctly. Another offers the “fun fact” that: “We took the French spelling (spelled and pronounced with r) and the Italian pronunciation (also spelled with an l).”
  27. Here in Greece we have it also. I think it s more easy that Cambridge or Michigan tests.
  28. I am currently looking for a native Portuguese language speaker to assist me in mastering Portuguese. I can offer assistance in English (I taught ESL level 3) and if interested can help in the subjects of U.S. History as well as Political Science and Government. I am willing to learn via chat, email, Skype, etc. Portuguese is the language of my heritage. I used to know conversational Portuguese, but, lack of use has led me to forget most of it.
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