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  3. Click here : http://tutormandarin.net/en/learn-chinese-jokes/ Every nation has a special humor, influenced by peoples’ culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is quite helpful to know some good jokes, if you want to make new friends in a Chinese speaking country. To understand a joke 笑话 (xiào huà) in Chinese, you might need to have some basic ideas of “tones”, “double meaning”, and “homophonic puns” in advance.
  4. Click here : http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/chinese-tattoos-advice/ There are too many ways of getting a wrong Chinese tattoo: Chinese characters that are back-to-front, are misspell, in the wrong order, or have a different meaning. It is easier to get a bad Chinese tattoo, than getting a good one, especially in western countries.
  5. BARCELONA SPANISH COURSES Hey everyone! Hola a todos! Do you want to learn about Spanish language and culture? Come to Barcelona this summer!! At ISCRALANDO Language School you will have a cool and productive time in Barcelona with our discount summer courses: Super intensive Spanish course (20h/week) + 5 hours conversational activities – guided tours, day trips, nightlife, and summer fun! https://www.iscralando.com/spanish-summer-courses
  6. BARCELONA SPANISH COURSES Hey everyone! Hola a todos! Do you want to learn about Spanish language and culture? Come to Barcelona this summer!! At ISCRALANDO Language School you will have a cool and productive time in Barcelona with our discount summer courses: Super intensive Spanish course (20h/week) + 5 hours conversational activities – guided tours, day trips, nightlife, and summer fun! https://www.iscralando.com
  7. Good evening, I think your account just got banned for being a spambot. Have a nice day.
  8. Thanks a lot for providing your resources! Interesting list!
  9. http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/why-study-chinese/ Why Study Chinese? 1-on-1 online Chinese lesson Among all the languages around the world, more and more people are learning a second or third language as a career plus, an interest or even a challenge to oneself. In this case, if you are planning to learn a new language, what would it be? English? Spanish? French? Or is it Mandarin?
  10. Hi all! I am new here and hoping to provide value, I wanted to create a post showing you guys the programs and books I have used to aid in learning the many languages I know, I am a polyglot:) I 100% believe immersion is the most important, but if you are learning any of these languages, and can afford the books or courses, give them a shot, they all have helped me/are helping me tremendously. Much love to all! ALL LANGUAGES/GENERAL: Fluent FOREVER Fluent in Three Months (book) Rosetta Stone! Instant Immersion (Many languages) APPS I USE: DUOLINGO, MEMRISE, QUIZLET. SPANISH: Synergy Spanish Learning Spanish Like Crazy Rocket Spanish Accelerated Spanish (book) Language Hacking Spanish (book) Living Language Spanish FRENCH: Rocket French Language Hacking French (book) Living Language French ARABIC: Rocket Arabic Living Language Arabic Pimsleur Arabic CHINESE: Rocket Chinese Living Language Chinese JAPANESE: Rocket Japanese Razi Sensei (Aprende desde español) THAI: Thai Alphabet in 60 Minutes Pimsleur Thai Read Thai In 10 Days ITALIAN: Rocket Italian Language Hacking Italian Living Language Italian GERMAN: Rocket German Living Language German RUSSIAN: Rocket Russian Living Language Russian OTHER MISC LANGUAGES (friends have used them with great results): Rocket Sign Language Practical Hebrew Rocket Korean Rocket Hindi Rocket Portuguese Things I have used for mindset, time, focus, and success, that have all helped me on my language learning journey!:) Success Mind Academy (Mindset) Super Brain Mind Power (Mindset) Six Minutes To Success (Mindset) Magic In Your Mind (Mindset) The Action Machine (Procrastination/Time Management) Zen Meditation (Meditation/Focus) Seven Minute Mindfulness (Meditation/Mind) Much love and good luck on your language learning adventures!!! <3 -polyglot88
  11. Hey. My passion is mastering different languages. I know nearly 7 languages and I have written short stories, poems etc in different languages. I have documented them in various files and I stored them in our closet. Recently I found that few of my documents has been damaged by some insects and bookworms. It is my 15 year- long hard work and those documents are very important to me. I am planning to digitalize my files. A friend of mine suggested document scanning services in Toronto which offer this facility. Anyone here had availed such services? I am planning to design an easy learning app to learn different languages. So, I need my data to be digitalized. I am new to designing an app. Can anyone brief me the steps to design an app? Thanks in advance!
  12. http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/write-chinese-keyboard/ Let’s say you’re typing on wechat or line on your Smartphone, which are by the way the most popular text message apps in Asia. If you open your keyboard, you’ll have several “Chinese keyboards” to choose from, based on your system setting. In case of Chinese, it is not going to only be for simplified characters — there are a few other methods for traditional characters.
  13. I'm of German and French decent, and I find it easy to learn German, French, and Spanish. My native language is hard for me, and I always have a slight French accent when speaking. I think your teacher has a valid point, as my Hispanic friends can't speak German well, but are killer at fence and Spanish.
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  15. A good approach is to learn 5 to 10 words a day, then review them 2 weeks later and then (I believe) 6 months later. I read this somewhere years ago, not sure where though, but to me it makes perfect sense. After all you want to make sure the words stick in your long-term memory. I admire anybody who can memorize 10 or more words a day, that is a great achievement.
  16. Hello guys, If anyone is interested in German lessons via skype or webex for a reasonable price, just let me know. I have been working as a teacher for German as a foreign language since 2011 and I have 2 years of online tutoring experience. My skype is: katharina_doerfler, Let's have a chat and I can give you more details (references, teaching materials, availability etc) I offer a free trial lesson and loyality discounts. Cheers, Katharina
  17. I like the expression, too. They use it in the German intro for Tom and Jerry.
  18. Hey smsst, I suppose you already handed in your paper. Sounds good, some mistakes, but not too many. What level are you in? I suppose at least A2, because you used one subordinate phrase. Careful, "mit" is a Dativ preposition ("mit meiner Familie"). Cheers, Katharina
  19. Hello Tdyoug, How are you getting on with your German? I suppose that your girlfriend is German? I would suggest that you exclusively talk to her in German. It might be a little annoying at first (conversations take longer etc),but this is really the best way. I have experienced this myself. I highly recommend this website: http://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/s-2055 and this series: Try to study a bit every day and make learning fun. Kind regards, Katharina
  20. "Guess Word In German" developed by "BitDeveloper" is an entertaining educational game that helps in learning the German language. It is actually a funny game in which a word is selected randomly from the set of whole German nouns up to level B1. The user should find the word by guessing individual letters in the word. At the start of the game, there is a girl with full makeup. Each time the user guesses a letter wrongly, some makeup is removed from the girl's face revealing her original face gradually. The game is over when all the makeup is removed from the girl's face.
  21. How to ask about hobbies http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/how-to-ask-about-hobbies/ Having a hobby is very important to leading a well balanced life. Pursuing a hobby can provide us with a refreshing break from the bustling life. Moreover, having some like-minded friends sharing common hobbies with us is awesome!
  22. My app Beelinguapp shows texts in two different languages side by side, and it is an audiobook at the same. It shows a karaoke animation to follow the audio. It has been getting some track lately and I would love to get some feedback! You can download it here (Android only for now): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.david.android.languageswitch
  23. Not a native here, but I know what it says: I believe/trust nothing. The "I" part can be anything else too (you, he, she, it, etc.), due to the lack of subject (nothing to worry about, it's a natural thing to do in Japanese). 誰 = who, but 誰も = nobody. 信じる = to believe or to trust, and some more. Adding the な particle turns the verb into a negative form, although it's casual as fuck (more info).
  24. I've had the same phrase translated by a couple of different paid services but they don't all have the same results. Is there anyone who is a native Japanese speaker who can translate this for me so that I can verify accuracy of it? 誰も信じるな 誰も信じるな
  25. http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/chinese-literature-tang-poems/ Chinese literature is very beautiful! Tang Poetry was generally composed in the Tang Dynasty and represents Chinese cultural history. Most people say it is China’s greatest contribution to the world literature. As you might be more familiar with traditional English language poems, which are mainly confined to rhyme, meter, and genre type, Chinese poems will be surprisingly different to you. However, Tang poems are always composed within a similar structure that dictates a set of either five or seven word-syllables per line, but also requires a rhyme scheme, and “tonal” constraints.
  26. Hello! I am Marina. I am a qualified language teacher and native Spanish speaker with experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I love languages and I also combine my Spanish teacher job with teaching English and Italian to students from different parts of the world. You can visit my website to book a free trial session and learn more about the Academy. Be welcome to Marina Languages!
  27. Lingopolo just became 100% free and intends to become the Wikipedia of the language-learning world. You should definitely try it: http://lingopolo.com/
  28. Asking for Directions in Chinese http://www.tutormandarin.net/en/asking-directions-chinese/ Asking for directions 1-on-1 Chinese lessons at Tutormandarin For travelers visiting China, Taiwan or other Chinese speaking countries, you might face the problem of getting lost and need to ask for directions. Even though smartphones and the internet are really common nowadays, still, people might travel without the internet as well. Today we’ll teach you how to ask for directions in Chinese. You might say that using English is already good enough. However, many students learn English just to pass the test, not to mention older generations. Learning Chinese is another way to communicate with people around the world. What’s more Chinese is in the top three most spoken language in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free 1-on-1 trial class with our professional tutor and some free pdf self-study file. In own blog section of Chinese Conversation, you’ll find many useful phrases in day-to-day life.
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