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  2. Hola Wanda, I just took a look at your site and it's very good. I am not one to throw kudos around but, I must say, I enjoyed playing around with the exercises. Should you ever need any extra assistance with "anything Spanish", please, do not hesitate and send me a note. I will gladly help you.
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  4. A little while back, I made my on-line “Spanish Pronunciation Workshop” available for free to all members of this forum. I decided to do it again. So, here it is...! I have also developed a “SER & ESTAR Workshop” but I would REALLY like some feedback on the Pronunciation Workshop. The "SER and ESTAR" workshop is fully developed but is not free. Check it out, if you wish. So, por favor, if you have a little free time, click on the link below, complete the course, leave your comments (for other participants to see) OR send me your feedback (bueno o malo) to: cesar@torreblanca.ca Muchas gracias...!
  5. Hello! I'm a new member to this site! I am currently a college student in the Philippines. I am a KPop fan (of only a few groups, actually), and ever since I became one I have always wanted to learn Korean language! So... here I am! I am really, really happy to meet new people that can help me reach my goal and actually be my friend even! We can help each other - I can teach you English and Tagalog, if you're interested! Feel free to contact me! Have a nice day!
  6. I am currently studying in college. But I really, really want to learn Korean language, and I am finding it really hard to dedicate time to language learning because I already have too much to juggle - studies, duties as a dormitory officer, family, friends, dancing, etc. I just wanted to ask: how can I continue learning Korean when I don't have enough time to spare, since from what I read, time spent in exposure to the language is the key to learning?
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  8. Hi! It always happens to me that at first I´m really dedicated, do all the homework and attend to every class. Later on is where I start to miss classes and skip homework. What usually happens to me is that I really hate to attend to class when it´s not close to where I live. What was really a solution for me was to start studying Spanish online in this way the classes adapt to my schedule and not the other way around. I recommend Spanishzoom.com since I started studying here I didn´t quit and I have all my classes at my own rithm whenever I have the time.
  9. Well, I became interested in Hindi because of the speeches of a Far Cry 4 character named Kalinag. I enjoyed the sound of the language so much that I wanted to know what language was and learn it. So I did some researches in Internet, and when I found that that language was Hindi, I started learning it immediately.
  10. Thanks!
  11. Welcome Nikthar!
  12. Hi, I am Nikhtar, I am 21 years old, and I am learning Hindi, German and Indonesian. I also plan to learn Farsi (aka Persian) and Turkish. आप से मिल के खुश हुई!
  13. Hello, I am I am trying to form a verbalsubstantiv of glitre. I believe it is glitring, but if you use it for compounds, literal (stjerneglitring; the twinkling of a star) or figurative (sinnglitring; the sparkling of the mind), would it be understood used in this way? I am not very skilled in grammar, so please let me know if phrases like this are understood how I mean to use them. If you have better words for this also suggest them, but I have looked at many options and I think this one has the best feeling. Cheers, Franz
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  15. Es scheint wunderbar Ich werde deinen Inhalt lesen !
  16. Hey Welcome Dude I am French so do not hesitate to contact me if you want to exchange ;-) I know nothing in Portuguese ah ah ^^ but if you are a real beginner in French maybe we can help each others
  17. chinese

    Question: is there anything more you can talk about than just about Chinese character decomposition? You've made 12 posts just about that, even in topics where such information is completely out of place.
  18. I suppose that the easiest and a very simple way to learn and memorize Chinese characters is to learn Chinese radicals and Chinese character decomposition! Decomposition of the Chinese character 火 huǒ ‘fire’: 丷 bā eight 人 rén man 丷人
  19. YAY! I hope that the conlang forum is successful.
  20. It's actually already February. I am really sorry about that. But I'm gonna set it up soon :=) It's just always incredibly hard to get new forum (sections) going, so that is one reason why I rarely start new forum sections these days.
  21. Hola Igor Great to have you here! Hope you find lots of useful information on here and of course we are willing to help you and share our experiences! Best L
  22. I'd like to help. I'm brazilian. I dont know if you have accent preferences, but I can help you to translate. My time is actually a litte bit limited, but I think we can make it through
  23. Olá pessoal! Hello guys! I'm new at this forum, so I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a language addicted from Brazil. I'm 22 years old, and I study psychology. I've always loved languages, but I never could afford a language course, so I started to learn them by myself, using internet. I love to try new methods of learning, and develop my own way to learn it. As a brazilian, my native tongue is Portuguese, but I can actually communicate in english, and spanish (poorly, I know hahah). Now I'm putting my efforts in learning french. I hope I can learn a lot of news things with you guys!
  24. What's a better way to learn a language without learning its culture? At http://wanderlustlearn.com/, we help you to learn German in a fun and interesting way ! Check it out!
  25. Hi all, Actually learning different languages have always been my keen interest. I think I've found a wonderful place to get it done. So I was thinking of starting with French. Need someone to speak to. I can help you with Hindi. Thank you. merci.
  26. i would like to learn French and spanish, NL:English
  27. I'm doing some research on second language acquisition and I'm hoping that I can get a few people to help me out. The survey shouldn't take any more than 20 minutes. Thanks to anybody who helps out. I really appreciate it. https://goo.gl/forms/URRqD7Qo2uzkDgij1
  28. Analysis of the Chinese Characters for Better Understanding When we analyze something we better understand and quickly memorize it. The same is with the learning Chinese characters. When we see and understand what radicals and components the character consists of, our mind does not resist to absorbing this information. We easily learn what we understand. If we do not understand the structure of a character, then we need to spend hours and days writing and writing this character. Let us have a look at the decomposition the Chinese character 我 wǒ ‘I’ : 丿 piě slash, 找 zhǎo look for, 扌 shǒu hand, 一 yī one, 亅 jué hook, 戈 gē spear, 弋 yì shoot, 一 yī one, 丿 piě slash, 丶 zhǔ dot, 我 wǒ ‘I’ : 丿找扌一亅戈弋一丿丶 Now the character我 wǒ ‘I’ looks more familiar to us, doesn’t it?
  29. I have exactly the same problems. I am quite interested if you find a solution to your issue
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