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  3. Chatting with a Swiss friend today about idioms and recalled one that went along the lines of "Someone has cut his/her head open & stirred a spoon in his/her head!" Used to mean someone is mad, stupid, crazy etc Cannot find it online, but cant believe I just invented it! Can anyone help? Vielen Dank! Makr
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  5. I feel like watching movies and listening to music in the language you want to learn help most people who don't have the time and/or money to travel to the country itself. Trying to understand people on screen/on the radio might seem hard at first but with time you will understand more and more. It also gives you the regularity you need to get used to the language and it helps you emerge. I get a lot of music and movies with help from *LOL* and I am glad that in todays world we have the option to do so. I imagine it being a lot harder if you don't have access to movies, music and books in the language you are trying to learn.
  7. This is a language learning forum, not a job board. Sorry.
  8. I'm not sure if this is allowed. I am working with a freelance company (OneSpace) to identify freelance workers to assist with a project. We need people to transcribe audio files (no translation needed). There are multiple roles for each language needed. The project begins on 2/1 and is flexible work. You would work from home. All you need is a PayPal email address to be paid as your work is completed. To be considered, I can send you a 1-minute audio file to be transcribed. We are open to considering people without previous transcription experience as long as they have the necessary language skills. Thank you! Emily
  9. If I see somewhere in a text a phrase 'du pain' for example, does it mean some bread or from the bread?
  10. There are a couple of words I stumbled onto a week back that I can't seem to find. They have been stuck in my head since, and I have no idea what language they might be from. I am inclined to believe that these words may "loosely" translate into something like "spring flower" in English. Any help in this endevor would be greatly appreciated. I tried Google translate and the only thing I could come up with was Estonian, but that was quite a stretch. The words are as follows, unfortunately, I don't have the correct spelling, but I believe that the pronunciation is correct. Ill-a-et su-ve the "a" should be pronounced hard, the "u" should be pronounced "oo", and the "e" is hard as well. Thank you!
  11. Ok, great! Find me at Facebook Messenger, my full name is Oskar Kvant. See you there!
  12. Hey! I'm looking for penpals all around the world to improve our language skills. We could talk via Facebook or Whatsapp
  13. Hallo! Ich spreche Deutsch und kann dir helfen (I speak german and can help you) we can practice through facebook messenger. You could teach me some swedish that would be awesome!
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  15. Hello again! Thought I'd come back and check in. Did anyone end up trying it out? Please PM me or reply here if you have any trouble!
  16. Hello, I am a swede looking for a native German to exchange language skills with. As a swedish teacher I think I can be a good language partner:-) I prefer to communicate via Facebook Messenger or Skype.
  17. Hello, my name is Maria and I am a native Spanish teacher who is just starting with her website: http://www.trainspanish.com to teach spanish. I am creating new creative materials and videos so that the children and adults have fun learning Spanish. I leave my site and youtube channel hoping that your children learn a lot of Spanish there! Here a video to learn the numbers with tomatoes. I hope you like it and it helps you to learn a lot of Spanish! Thank You, María Martos.
  18. I feel like you're advertising it as your own product in a very, very clever way. Therefore, I moved it to that section then.
  19. I'm using every video I can find of different native speakers. It's fair game even if it's just them describing their day. Also, I'm using Korean produced media content like shows, music, etc...
  20. Hey there! As it says in the topic already I want to find out if Lingoda is an option for me. I want to learn german but I am not sure if this is the right way to do it. I have a tight time schedule and need to be flexible so I like the idea of learning online via skype. Also I need a B2 certificate which is offered by them. At least it says so on their homepage.... So my question is: How is the quality of teaching there? Is there anyone who tried it already and can tell me if its worth it? And did anyone try the coupon code "op3t94"? I was said it there is a discount of 50$ when booking the first time. But I am afraid of trying since I don't know if I could cancel if it does not work
  21. Oi! Posso te ajudar com teu alemão se você me ajudar com o meu português
  22. Hey! I'm a native spanish speaker. I speak also advanced german (could help you out with that) and je voudrais améliorer mon français!
  23. Posso te ajudar com o teu português! We could speak through facebook or whatsapp
  24. Hi I am a Language tutor and have given grammar help to many students over the years. I am now studying German and am having trouble with understanding declensions - ie Accusative, Dative, etc... and when to use them.
  25. I've always loved to use the word "etéreo" meaning ethereal in English. It's used to describe something so beautiful that is seemingly so delicate, untouchable, or abstract. I picked it up from studying spirituality, where it is almost exclusively used to refer to "ethereal energy", meaning energy that the naked human eye cannot see or feel, unless trained otherwise.
  26. Hey rbose, This is very context specific answer. If the speaker is positive that they could have put more than one answer, then they use indicative (regular) tense, and if the speaker is not sure if they could have put more than one answer or not, they would indeed use the past/imperfect subjunctive. If the speaker is unsure, the translation I would give for this is "Era posible que nosotros pudieramos ponerse más de una contesta." If the speaker IS sure, I would say "Era posible que nosotros pudimos ponerse más de una contesta" Have you studied the imperfect tense yet? It is used for events or actions in the past that were repeated or that lasted extended periods of time. I used this tense in my sentence with "era", which in this case is the he/she/you (formal)/it conjugation. Also, "respuesta" or "contesta" would both be acceptable in this context. "Contesta" specifically means "answer". I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions I'd be happy to clear something up!
  27. I appreciate Hangul quite a bit. Looking at it feels really comfortable for some reason. But, I don't think I'd use the word beautiful. Maybe sensible? I'll agree with a few others here that the Japanese and Chinese scripts better fit the beauty description.
  28. How would I say in spanish: "it was possible that we could have put more than one answer" I think that it should be subjunctive since es posible que triggers the subjunctive, but it is also conditional. This is what I thought it would be: "Fue posible que nos hubieramos puesto mas que una repuesta"
  29. Hi everyone, new member here. I'm from a text-based game called Cantr and I thought you might (or might not!) find it a really compelling way to learn or practice language skills. Alright, so here's the thing - Cantr isn't for everyone. And it certainly wasn't designed with language learning as the primary goal. However, it is a lot of fun, and offers an immersion opportunity for language learners. Before I keep going - let me just say that the game is totally free in every respect, this isn't spam or marketing or advertising - the game is run entirely by volunteers and operates on donations (though donations are so minimal that the owner just pays for servers out-of-pocket). Cantr is basically a player-driven story. It's a society simulator. You play from the perspective of a character and contribute to the story through "roleplay". It's entirely text-based, and that's intentional - it's supposed to be like reading a novel, except the story is 100% by players. The game world is so open that you can be anything you want - a politician, a philosopher, a trader, a CEO, a pirate, the leader of a rebellion, a king or queen, a homeless person, a nobody, a somebody, a traveller, an explorer, a colonist... I could go on forever. The game has existed for a long time - like 15 years - and the society has evolved as such. It's a really interesting game and I recommend you check it out regardless of whether you want to learn a language or not. However, here's the interesting part. In the game there are virtual continents. Each continent has a language group. If you register a new character, you get to select a language group. So I'm an English speaker wanting to learn Japanese and Spanish, for example, so most of my characters are English, but I "spawned" a few Spanish characters. Now, I'm immersed with native Spanish speakers and I'm able to practice my Spanish in a real-world context. The game administrators actually encourage this, and players are aware that people are doing this to learn a language. It's a really inviting community in that sense. Give it a try and let me know what you think! I'll stick around here if anyone needs any support. You can try it out here: https://cantr.net/ A couple of things to keep your expectation right: The style is a little outdated, but trust me - once you're inside the game, the depth of the game is very good. You can build tools, machines, harvest resources, construct vehicles, tame animals (including horses to ride), make your own buildings and more. You can change the theme color of the game once you're in, as well. There is a thing called the Capital Rule, which is to protect the immersion, or the "story" that players are creating. Simply, this means, "stay inside the mind of your character", so you have to play as if you're actually that character. That's it! I think you will love it and learn much more quickly in your respective language groups. Good luck!!
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