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      Over the last few months, there's been a huge increase of members coming here just to advertise their own products, services, or whatever.
      This is fine, but the "General Discussions" section is not the right place. If you came here to advertise anything you made or provide yourself, do this here.
      If you came here to advertise anything you love to use, do it here. Thank you for your understanding. And remember: anything we consider spam is subject to the ban hammer. Any smash is available free of charge.


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    Hey there! I'm a 20-year-old English guy and I'd like to practice any of these languages: French (Intermediate) Italian (Intermediate) Spanish (Intermediate) Portuguese (Beginner) Irish (Beginner) Mandarin (Beginner) I find it useful doing a penpal thing through emails but I'd be up for other things like Skype etc. Let me know
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    Hello! I need help; I wanted to translate sentence (if you can call it so) into different languages and later use it on a present for my friend's birthday. So, the question is: how would "lies and slander!" sound in your mother tongue/language you know? Thank you so much in advance! Polish: Kłamstwa i pomówienia! (original) English: Lies and slander! German: Lügen und Verleumdungen! Spanish: ¡Mentiras y falsedades! Italian: Menzogne e diffamazioni! Latin: Mendacia et crimina falsa! Cayuga language: Sheyehsahdahnǫh!