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    If you mean everyday greetings, 你好 is the MOST common. When addressing a group, perhaps on stage, we say 大家好。 If you want to ask 'how are you', say 你好吗? 早安/ 早上好/ 上午好 = for use in the morning - the latter two are more formal 午安 = for use at 12 o' clock 下午好 = for after 12 o' clock (this is also rather formal and used for groups) 晚上好 = night greeting (ditto above) 晚安 is mostly used for when you are leaving for the night/ going to sleep If you mean 'greetings' like those on greeting cards, we have 生日快乐 Happy Birthday 新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) 圣诞节快乐 Merry Christmas Essentially just add 快乐 to the festival/ event you're celebrating. Hope this helps!