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  1. ¡Hola! I'm brand new at learning Spanish and have been really enjoying the podcast "Notes in Spanish" for beginners. They assign "homework" after each podcast, which is essentially to practice writing in Spanish with a prompt. I'd really love to practice writing and getting feedback/corrections so I can grow. I hope this is the right place (if there's a better spot, please let me know! I looked at some older threads, but I know topics here are vast and bountiful). Here goes! This is my first time actually writing down and forming full sentences in Spanish, so I used the dictionary a lot. I hope I'm using the correct vocabulary. My goal is to introduce myself and talk about what I will be doing this weekend. Me llamo Emily. Me gusta leer and me encanta dibujar. Odio los desórdenes pero yo soy una persona muy desordenada. Me horroriza la canción <Wonderwall>. Yo estoy muy nuevo en español y aprendo un idioma segundo. Este fin de semana voy a cuidar los perros de mi vecino. Tengo que dar de comer los perros. También, voy a hacer kayak y caminar con mi novio. ¡Voy a practicar el español! ¡Gracias!