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  1. Yes, I've been talking to a German man online for about 18 years, and only recently been practising German with him
  2. Thanks for replying, that's helpful to me. Although I didn't think pronouncing it different ways would have different meanings. I meant that it takes a lot of effort to learn how to pronounce R the German way which I thought is the proper way, with the gargle from back of the throat, so was wondering if I heard people pronouncing the R without coming from back of the throat, then why do some pronounce the same word with the R that sounds like gargle and some not? When I went to France and was trying to pronounce a word with R I said it the same as I do in England and they didn't understand me, but when I said the same word with the R from the back of the throat they understood me. I wasn't sure if that's the same in Germany
  3. I was looking at a website which has native speakers saying the same word Lärm. I'm confused why two of them pronounce the R the way I read Germans pronounce it from the back of the throat, but then two of them pronounce the R the same as English? on here: https://forvo.com/word/lärm/#de I asked my friend in Germany on facebook by messaging, and they didn't know what I was talking about, as said it all sounded the same to them, and said you can say the R any way, so now I'm annoyed they're not helping, so I told them I would ask on the internet.