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  1. Yea, I remember Russian grammar was kind of messed up. They have verb endings that match the gender of the subject? Was that it?
  2. Ich danke dir! (Ich darf hier du sagen, oder?)
  3. BTW, how do I follow a topic to get email alerts on this site? I'm looking all over the a subscribe or follow button and I'm just not seeing it.
  4. I'm studying international business, and I'm currently finishing up my German and thinking about what language I want to start on next. I figure another year and I'll be fluent in German. What language should I learn next? I'm wanting to know from the perspective of what language will likely land me the best job. I have some limited experience with French and Russian, so those two might be worth considering just because they're relatively easy and I already have a head start. But I'm thinking that Chinese or Japanese would be useful to me. I'm really leaning towards Chinese. I know it's hard, but I think it will put me on a higher level. It seems the international business scene is pretty much dominated by English, German, and Chinese, so I would have the trifecta, in addition to being a native American English speaker. Thoughts?