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  1. Only in the past tense. In other tenses our verbs don't care about the gender, but conjugate instead. Sorry:D Still, there are true enthusiasts who manage to learn our language and speak it neatly.
  2. Importance of a Teacher

    Personally, I only need a teacher until I reach the demarcation line between A2 and B1. From that point on, I can proceed with extensive reading, listening and watching films, but at the beginning I need someone to hold my hand. I've heard from many people that for them it's the other way around. It's more about psychology than about language learning as such.
  3. Choose the one you like best, but there's one important thing: don't try to learn them immediately one after another. Get the first one to a decent level - B2 or C1 - take a break for a few months, and only then start learning the other. Otherwise they will merge, and it will be a job separating them. It could even be beneficial to learn something entirely different in between.
  4. Terry Pratchett and the Discworld

    Never associated his books with teh Hitchhiker's Guide, but I do think he is mocking Ursula Le Guin, at least in the first book. I've found out that I can't read more than two of his books in a row, and then I have to have a break from him and read less satirical stuff.
  5. From Russia with Love

    Thank you! I certainly will.
  6. Who is your favorite english-writing author?

    Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Gladys Mitchell... yes, I love detective stories and novels . Especially novels.
  7. From Russia with Love

    Hello, my name is Irina, and I am from Saratov, Russia. For years and years English seemed quite enough for me, but recently I got a weird idea into my head to become a polyglot, so now I'm learning Mandarin Chinese and Italian, and my plans for the next two years contain French, German, Japanese and Spanish. I'm not sure yet that this list won't grow. I can answer questions about Russian, so if you are learning this language, please do not hesitate to ask me to help.
  8. Effect or Affect?

    I'm not a native speaker either, but this is correct: effect is a noun, and affect is a verb. E.g. "The effect of context in this case is tremendous" - here, effect is used as a noun. but "Context affects it very strongly" - a verb.