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      Over the last few months, there's been a huge increase of members coming here just to advertise their own products, services, or whatever.
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      If you came here to advertise anything you love to use, do it here. Thank you for your understanding. And remember: anything we consider spam is subject to the ban hammer. Any smash is available free of charge.


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  1. Pinutile I may be new to this forum...but are questions similar to this one..not the reason for said forum(s)? ..but i digress, because, i do not believe that i would be able to facilitate an appropriate answer capable of someone such as your self, to understand...not because it is too complex but rather, too simple. Your answer, was however, a very good one, i will certainly give you that!!!!
  2. I am looking for people to speak with in Mandarin!! Either via text or talk!! moyejoel95@gmail.com OR Reply here/ message via Linguaholic
  3. TL: English. NL: Spinish

    hi, i studied spanish in high school for several years. it has been a couple years but would be interested in getting back into it?!?!