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  1. General Discussion

    could you please show me a screenshot of that? What browser are you using?
  2. Help me translate

    yes. that's kinda what I suspected as well (as you can read above). :=) I am living in China at the moment. And I asked some natives here and most of them are also saying that it is most probably refering to a Japanese proper name.
  3. Swede, attempting russian (this time around)

    makes sense! Russian is a tough language, but I am sure you can do it! May the language gods be with you!
  4. Help me translate

    Hi there First of all we are dealing with Chinese characters here. It's most probably a name. It could actually be a Japanese name (Japanese use chinese characters in their writing ---> called Kanji in Japanese writing system) 十 means 10 九 means 9 Together 十九 means 19 郎 has the meaning of gentleman/young man/husband. It is also an official title in imperial times. It can mean "minister" or "official". It is also used in forming nouns designating certain classes of persons. Or it can just simply be a surname as well. So it could mean something like "The nineteenth official/minister or maybe just be a proper name or it could be standing for the 19th son of a family.
  5. Hello everyone, Brazilian guy here.

  6. hey Vrysius Welcome to Linguaholic! We are happy to have you here. We likve verbose people :=)
  7. Great work. Thanks a lot OratorLoquens99 for helping out!
  8. Can someone please take a look at my text?

    Moreover: Diese Jahr habe in München das Oktoberfest besucht und da habe ich einen Mann getroffen. (Wen/was habe ich getroffen? = Akkusativ = einen Mann You could say here that you met "einen Typ(en) getroffen). Er war land und hübsch mit braunem Haar und braunen Augen (mit wem oder was? = Dativ = mit braunem Haar und braunen Augen....what do you mean with "land"? I don't know what you are trying to say here so I did not correct it, but a word like this does not exist) Wir haben uns in einem Bierzelt getroffen. Sein Name ist Matthias und er ist 2 Jahre älter als ich Er ist wirklich lässig und lebhaft (That's ok). Wir haben uns auch über seine Arbeit als Feuerwehrmann unterhalten. Er hat zu seiner Arbeit etwas Spannendes gesagt. Es war wunderbar und ich habe eine schöne Zeit gehabt. (wen/was habe ich verbracht? = Akkusativ = eine schöne Zeit) Am nächsten Morgen haben wir unsere Handynummern ausgetauscht und er hat versprochen mich anzurufen.
  9. Can someone please take a look at my text?

    Thanks a lot for helping out Armitur! I would like to add the following to your corrections: He was wearing jeans with white shirt and a grey jacket ----> Er hat Jeans kombiniert mit einem weißen Shirt (T-Shirt) und einer grauen Jacke getragen
 Wir haben um seine Leben in Berlin gesprochen ---> Wir haben über sein Leben in Berlin gesprochen.
 (as Armitur already pointed out) Wir haben auch über seine Arbeit gesprochen. 
 Er hat eine große Familie mit 4 Brüdern. 
 Wir haben die ganze Nacht geredet (that's ok).
 Typ for guy is acceptable but it depends on the context. "Typ" is a little bit derrogative usually.
  10. klar. Gibst du mir einfach Bescheid. LG
  11. welcome to linguaholic, estellaona Funnily enough, I am also living in Beijing:=) and therefore I am also studying Chinese. So maybe in the future we could give each other a hand with our Chinese texts. However, you might be looking for a Chinese native speaker right? If not necessarily, please let me know. regards Lingua
  12. Hello, everyone!

    In fact we got lots of great content on here and lots of people visiting. The problem is just that not many people are willing to contribute :=) hope that will change in the future (again). regards