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  1. Looks interesting. I might have a look into that. thanks for sharing
  2. English

    Hi Marcin and welcome! There are so many websites out there to study English. What aspects of the language are you most interested in? Would you like to focus more on speaking or reading or grammar?
  3. German Dative Case

  4. Impressum Information according to § 5 TMG: Name of the owner: Marcel Iseli Bahnhofstrasse 6 2502 Biel Contact: Telephone: +41786839995 E-Mail: djeasily@gmail.com Source: Impressum-Generator von anwalt.de
  5. Help required

    Hi there If you are willing to post the sentences here, I will be glad to help you.
  6. Hola a todos / Hi everybody

    Hey Serrrgio, warm Welcome! Nice to have you here. Let me know if I can help you with something! Best Lingua
  7. Or maybe you would like to learn German fast. Then this girl here reveals her story on how to learn the language as fast as possible: You can find her videos on the Youtube Channel: linguamarina. She has over 144.000 subscribers. Seems to be pretty promising after all. So why not give her and her videos a try? This might be maybe exactly what you need.
  8. For all the people that want to learn German online, there are tons of good videos on Youtube, really. Let me name some other good Youtubers that help you learn german with youtube: Learn German with the lovely German Girl Ania. The first 50 lessons (as stated in the video) are even free. Or maybe you prefer some other kind of approach. If you want to study German mainly with dialogs, please have a look here:
  9. Shows in Spanish on NETFLIX

    There are a lot of Spanish shows on Netflix. I am willing to share some favorites with you: NARCOS The TV Series Narcos is a US crime drama created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The first season has 10 episodes. And the Show has been published as a Netflix exclusive. Plot of the Series: Narcos is set and filmed in Colombia, Seasons 1 and 2 tell the story of the world famous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of the drug cocaine. The show is also focusing on Escobar's interactions with drug lords, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and various opposition entities. Season 3 of the series picks up after the fall of Escobar and continues to follow the DEA as they go up against the rise of the infamous Cali Cartel. LOS TIEMPOS DE PABLO ESCOBAR (TV MINI Series, 2012) Oh, Pablo Escobar again? Yes. As we started the list of with Narcos, let's add another Pablo Escobar related TV Series, for all those (like me), who can never get enough of films about drug lords and their dirty business. Plot: Los Tiempos de Pablo Escobar will bring to you a complete journalistic document that reveals never before seen shocking images and testimonials from people who show how the barbaric acts of the drug lord Pablo Escobar managed to subdue a nation, and how his legacy continues to affect the world today. So if you would like to get some even more realistic footage and facts about Pablo Escobar, you might want to see this "tv show" instead of NARCOS. INGOBERNABLE (2017-) Well, what about some more recent shows. Let's move to Ingobernable then. This is a TV Show from 2017. Plot: The Mexican political drama TV Series that is starring Kate Del Castillo premiered on Netflix on 24 March 2017. The actor Kate Del Castillo plays the fictional First Lady of Mexico. Moreover, Emilia Urquiza plays the fictional President of Mexico, Diego Nava. The presidential strive for internal peace in their country, but unforeseen challenges emerge and make this very difficult, and a major scandal begins to unfold. The actors Jaziz, Valentini, Ibarra, and Guerrero round out the cast playing the couple's daughter and son, the president's chief of staff, and the Secretary of the Interior, respectively. There is only one season online up to this day, but a second season has been announced for 2018.
  10. I think that it has been shown very clearly that sign language is not universal. Apart from this misconception, there are several other things that you often hear about sign language that are not true at all. The following graphic will bust some other myths about Sign Language:
  11. It is really hard to tell exactly how many languages there are. But it must be between 6000 - 8000 according to trusthworthy sources. Here a list of the most spoken ones. A little bit outdated, but still gives you a good picture about the most spoken languages out there.
  12. a lot vs. alot

    obviously a lot is correct. In this digital age, people just want to write things as fast and easy as possible, so they often just write alot instead of a lot...:=) still pretty funny though
  13. Realize synonym

    Etymologically speaking, the word seems to be going back to the 17th century. Google is saying the following:
  14. It is always handy to have some synonyms at hand when crafting new texts and content. One word that I often come across is "to realize" or "to realise (Brit. English) and as you should not always use the same verb(s) over and over, I want to give all you some synonyms: ascertain, catch on (to), find out, get on (to), hear, learn, discover, see, wise (up) Let me know if you know some different ones. And we should gather some example sentences as well. ascertain: "Since I’m not a very good liar, most people usually find it easy to ascertain when I’m being dishonest." to catch on (to): Then I caught on to what it was the man was saying. discover: I discovered that speaking English was pretty easy.
  15. Appositive - Definition and Examples

    Appositive Definition Let us get in some more detail about the appositives. In general the Appositives can be defined as: two words or word groups which mean the same thing and are placed together. Appositives identify or explain the nouns or pronouns which they modify: My friend Mark, teacher at the university of Oxford, is a noble man. We can say that "teacher at the university of Oxford" in an appositive or is in apposition to "my friend Mark". "teacher at the university of Oxford" is giving us some additional info about Mark. Appositive Phrases An appositive phrase includes an appositive and its modifiers: My favorite team, the New York Knicks, are located in New York, a very nice city in the United States. Furthermore when it comes to Appositives, we need to distinguish Restrictive Appositives from Non-restrictive Appositives. A restrictive appositive is necessary to maintain the meaning of the sentence and does not require commas. Usually, a restrictive appositive is a single word closely related to the preceding word. It "restricts" or narrows the meaning of the word it modifie Let me give you some examples: The musician Jay-Z will come to Switzerland soon. Jay-Z restrics the general term "musician" My brother Daniel has 3 different cars. Daniel restricts the meaning of brother...i guess you get the idea. Nonrestrictive Appositive Apart from restrictive appositves there also exist non-restrictive appositives. The definition of non-restrictive appositives is as follows: A nonrestrictive appositive may be omitted without changing the basic meaning of the sentence. A nonrestrictive appositive is separated by commas. Commas are always used when the word which the appositive modifies is a proper noun. Let us use our previous examples and change them a little bit, so that they can illustrate non-restrictive appositives: Jay-Z, the musician, will come to Switzeralnd to perform. In this case, "the musician" is simply offering additional information abou the rapper Name Jay-Z, that could be ommitted without losing general information.
  16. Appositive - Definition and Examples

    Thanks Laura for all those wonderful explanations about the definition of the appositive. I think it is pretty easy after all. If you still have problems with the appositive, you might wanna have a look at that picture here. It might help you to better grasp the idea of the appositive. It works exactly the same in German, too. ---> by the way
  17. German Dative Case

    It is in Dative case yes, but it is a a prepositional object again. So there is a dative case within the prepositional object (as in the last example). The prepositional object being "in meinem Schlafzimmer". Prepositional objects are usually introduced by a preposition. Here it is the preposition "in". In the other example (Ich habe an meinem Geburtstag gearbeitet), the preposition that introduced the prepositional object was "an". The dative object within the prepositional object is just being "meinem Schlafzimmer".
  18. From Russia with Love

    Welcome, dear! Please have a look here to find some useful language learning resources for your Chinese Studies:
  19. German Dative Case

    Not exactly. In fact you still have to ask "wem". The question is simply: "An wem/was habe ich gearbeitet? ---> An meinem Geburtstag. Since you can only ask this question by using a preposition in front of "meinem Geburtstag" (the preposition "an"), it is a Prepositional Object. There again, though, the Case is Dative, meaning that the prepositional object is in dative case. (a prepositional object can be either dative or accusative case).
  20. Thanks for sharing. I will have a look at it later. regards L