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  1. Rosetta Stone [JAPANESE]

    I've been using Rosetta Stone at school, and I've found it was a little tough to use at first, but I managed to catch on after taking a break for several days. From there I found a good strategy is to use it for a couple days, then leave it alone until next week, and then try and recall whatever was introduced the previous week because I guess that allows you some time to take in all that new information and make sense of it. Overall it's pretty good.
  2. Obenkyo for Android [JAPANESE]

    I tried using this a few months ago to learn hiragana and katakana, but while I managed to do well on the multiple choice tests, I never really remembered the characters until I tried out the writing test by accident. Turns out muscle memory helps tremendously.
  3. 私はアンドリューです。二十一歳です。 watakushi wa andoryuu (Andrew) desu. nijuuichi sai desu. どおぞよろしく。 doozo yoroshiku.