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  1. Rosetta Stone? [MULTILINGUAL]

    Yes. RS is garbage. That is why they spend so much money on advertising. Get duolingo and Pimsleur if you really want to learn a language.
  2. Great app to learn any language!

    Yes, it is Rosetta Stone. The amount of money RS spends on advertising ought to tell people how useless their method is. Anything that really works doesn't need to be plastered everywhere and shoved down your throat. They make all sorts of bad assumptions about adult learning. I have never heard of anyone who got anywhere with RS. The reviews on the web of actual users are almost universally negative. I found the program horrible. A much better app is Duolingo.
  3. Words like schwer

    I am currently learning German with Duolingo. I came across the following: der Junge ist schwer. How on Earth can a person tell if the sentence is supposed to mean: "The boy is heavy" or "The boy is difficult"? The concepts aren't even close. I have noticed other examples like this as well.