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    Arabic, English
  1. Would you consider Ancient Greek rare or dead? I did learn how to read and write in Ancient Greek, and I'm still learning, but I'm not sure if this one is considered "rare" since there are many academics worldwide who read and write in it for academic purposes.
  2. I love Esperanto and Ancient Greek. I love them because they are mostly used for academic settings. However, Esperanto's vision is amazing and I would love to see it realized, international non-biased language and understanding. Languages I like the least? Hmmm. I failed my French class two years ago. I was sick then and did not study well. But since then I have a bitter taste with French.
  3. Hello, I am currently doing a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience. I want to do another degree along it. I'm considering a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics along. I did a couple of Linguistics courses and I like them very much. What do you guys think? Is it a fulfilling degree? Does anyone knows of its prospects?
  4. Esperanto section?

    Thanks for your reply. I was just suggesting the Esperanto section given the unique nature of this language. I will try to make as many topics on the language as I can though. I just hoped that it had more care. Thanks.
  5. I would love to see a section/category/forum for Esperanto. A "Study Esperanto" thing. Would you please add that section? :cry:
  6. It can be a spiritual experience. I mean you learn a language so you can connect with other people. By learning a second language your increase your range of people you can connect with and converse with. I see that as a spiritual experience. Don't you?
  7. Hi, I'm currently studying for a bachelor of science in geosciene. I can fit a bachelor of arts with my degree if I take my electives carefully. So I'm considering a bachelor of arts in linguistics as well. What do guys think about this? has anyone done a linguistics degree and how is it? Is it worth it?
  8. ArabicPod - is it worth buying?

    I took a quick look at it and as a native speaker I think it is pretty good and worth buying. The pace of it and the language used is pretty simple and easy to grasp in my opinion. Go for it!
  9. Solarees is here

    Hi everyone, I'm solarees. I speak Arabic as my native language, Bahrani Arabic to be exact. I am fluent in English, my IELTS exam score was 8.5 out of 9. I studied Portugues for one year. It was self study. I took classes in Ancient Greek and I'm learning Esperanto at the moment. I'm being lazy with it though, I guess life gets in the way. Anyhow, any warm welcome for me? :cry: