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  1. So in this Dutch audiobook how did is say for example "What is the time please?" and then it will tell you how to say it in Dutch? I guess that isn't too bad but it would be nice if with the audibook they gave you the text version so you are learning to read and speak dutch, not just speaking it.
  2. Arabic is too small to read!!!

    I know the alphabet already and yes you're right. The letter changes shape depending on where in the word they occur but once you practice a bit it's not that hard although writing it is another story all together.
  3. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Arabic is too small to read!!!

    I've been reading online and I think there is a browser plugin that you can download that increases the font of Arabic but I just can't seem to find it.
  5. Arabic is too small to read!!!

    Whenever I see Arabic written on the web it's always too small to read and I have to zoom in on the page to see all the little dots and stuff, is this normal or will I just pick up on the look of the word within time? After all when you read English you don't look at each letter, you recognise the word based on the look of the word.
  6. The Total Arabic audiobook isn't a novel it's a classroom tutor type book but there are probably some audiobooks out there that tell you how to say for example "What is the time please" and then in the book that comes with it, shows you how to write it. I'm just having difficulty finding these audiobooks which comes with an actual book relating to the content.
  7. Hello everyone. I decided to register here in the hopes that someone who was once in my position can help me. I'm just starting to learn Modern Standard Arabic and I'm trying to look for an audiobook that also requires you to write too. For example I found an amazing audiobook called Total Arabic (Learn Arabic with the Michel Thomas method) and I've only listened to the first 15minutes for free and already want to buy it but it's just audio... not actual book comes with it so you have no way of relating what is being said to text or getting the opportunity to write it yourself. I want to do more than just speak the language, I want to learn how to read and write it and I I'm trying to find a book that has it all in one. I'd like an audiobook that first teaches you how to speak the basic things and then teaches you to write those same things. It would be nice to find a book that teaches you how to say "Hello, my name is Ryan" and then it shows you how to write it. I will 100% buy that Total Arabic book but it would be great if something similar existed that also taught you reading and writing at the same time so you really get a feel for learning the language and not just memorising a bunch of phrases.