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  1. I have never had that opportunity but i don't think i would fare any better. I get nervous when speaking on the phone in unfamiliar language so it would be hard for me. I would prefer interacting face to face as my confidence builds up and am able to let out my mastery of that language be heard.
  2. Although it may take a while to master, developing an accent may take a while but it makes perfect sense to develop it. Speaking in an accent makes it easier for the person being spoken to to understand what you're trying to get across. So i believe it's best to fake it until you make it!
  3. I think for any serious learner, the levels one has to progress to are a very important element in the course of sturdy. One is able to gauge his progress and make efforts to advance to the next level. So the levels act as a motivator to work harder to progress to the next stage stage.
  4. Importance of a Teacher

    The importance of a teacher can never be overemphasized.Without him/her,learning would be impossible to say the least. This is especially so when it comes to foreign languages where it's essential to learn the basics from a qualified tutor who should be present to guide you.
  5. As long as the beats are catchy i find my self dancing to the beat the language notwithstanding. I think music has as universal feel to it and it usually cuts across any cultural or racial barriers so long it has a sweet melody.
  6. Foreign languages were not compulsory in my elementary school and i only got to learn a bit of German while in college. I made it my duty to learn as much as i could possibly can and by the time i was through with college, my German was above average.
  7. I think from the age of five is when a child is ready mentally to learn an additional language other than his primary dialect.At this age,the child has developed psychologically and can understand the complexity and challenges that comes with learning a new language.
  8. I think all languages are valuable depending on the circumstances beforehand.If you're seeking a job in a foreign country,it would be imperative for you to learn that county's language to increase your chances of being hired.
  9. Habari gani?

    My names are jeremiah and am happy to be here.I like to learn new languages and being exposed to foreign cultures.I hope i will get to meet new friends and get to know and learn different languages.
  10. I assume you have your friend's best interest's at heart so the best approach would be to be open with him.Sit him down and let him know that you admire his enthusiasm but he has to correct his mistakes if he really wants to be perfect.Don't be judgmental as you will only succeed in making him prone to more mistakes.