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  1. Hey guys. I've been doing Glossika for modern standard Arabic for a while now, and I personally like it. But, I have been browsing online and have seen some people post that there are a lot of mistakes in several of their programs. I wouldn't want to memorize/integrate bad habits and sentence structures into my mind. So, if any of you have any experience with their Arabic course, would you recommend it? I'm not sure whether or not I should continue. I am about 100 sentences into the program. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, it's my first attempt at making cloze cards, here is a sample of what I am doing. Basically, I'm putting English as a hint where the Spanish goes and when I see the card I need to think of the Spanish equivalent, or near equivalent. For example: {{c1::Los ánimos::The moods}} {{c2::oscilan::oscillate}} {{c3::entre::between}} la {{c4::preocupación::concern}} y el {{c5::pánico::panic}}. Extra: Los ánimos: the moods oscilan: oscillate entre: between preocupación: concern pánico: panic Is this okay? Okay to put English there as a hint and to think of the translation? TLDR; using English hints on anki to learn Spanish okay to do?
  3. Hey guys. I've grown up around Spanish, and although I'm not fluent, I am able to communicate my ideas. I find myself with a lack of vocabulary and also sometimes I mess up the tenses. But other than that, I am able to read/ write/ and speak to people. What's the best way to go about fixing my lack of vocabulary and increasing my fluency. I want to work my way up. Is there any test to see where I am currently classified? Thus far all I've been doing is watching noticias, telenovelas, and have been reading books. Is reading books and google translating words I don't know a good idea? I think I'm not gonna go the whole buy a dictionary route cause for me memorizing words and lists is so monotone.
  4. Hey guys. I'm very happy to be joining this forum. I've recently began studying Egyptian dialect of Arabic and have completed the foundation and advanced courses of Michel Thomas. I'd like to continue my studies, but not sure what the best approach would be to build off of my base. I was recently memorizing words out of a dictionary but I have come to the conclusion that's not necessarily the best approach to take. I've been thinking about watching movies in Egyptian Arabic and translate certain words I keep hearing into English so that I can put some context to it. My only problem is that I am unable to find most of the words I come across in my dictionary or online due to it being hard to find transliteration. Any solutions for this? Thanks guys. Happy language learning.