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  1. Hello, I'm French and I study German. Conditionnel and Kunjunktiv II are indeed equivalents: both are used to talk about a possibility/a potential thing. But since French is a Romance (or Latin) language and German is not, you cannot say they are totally equal. Every time I use Conditionnel in French, I use Kunjuktiv II to translate it : J'aimerais un café au lait / Ich möchte einen Milchkaffe. But the opposite is not always true : when talking about a condition, French uses Imparfait while German uses Kunjuktiv II too. In the first part of the sentence, French uses Imparfait, and in the second part Conditionnel (somehow like in English), whereas German uses Kunjuktiv II for both. For example "If I had more time, I would learn a new language" Si j'avais plus de temps, j'apprendrais une nouvelle langue. Wenn ich mehr Zeit hätte, würde ich eine neue Sprache lernen. So you can say that Conditionnel and Kunjuktiv II are equivalent, but always check before using it, it depends on the case ([si + Conditionnel] is a terrible mistake that some French people do, but [Wenn+Kunjuktiv II] is absolutely right). Don't hesitate if you have any questions
  2. Hi there! I listened to that beautiful song but I didn't find the lyrics on the internet. Could someone who speak fluently arabic write down the lyrics please? I don't need a translation, just to know the lyrics, so that I can sing along for example Here's the song : Thanks for doing it, I'm sure it's not that hard if you speak fluently, but since I don't... ^^