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  1. Here are some apps and sites reccomened for learning english from this blog post using mobile technology in the classroom (scroll down towards the end of the post). The apps recommened here cover areas for listening practice, games, grammer and vocab.
  2. We would find it hard to understand englishmen several hundred years ago! And this would explain why! - this blog post makes for a fascinating read; it is a really short summary of the origins of English and some of the influences on it that show how it has evolved. Ever wondered why we have similar words to describe the same things? yes me too but it offers a brieflt explanation on that too! Please read it here 'Borrowed but not returned'
  3. Learning doesn't have to be a chore - try finding ways to make it fun! you can google some ideas so that it is something you look forward too - or here are some study tips: http://www.bloomsbury-international.com/en/student-ezone/english-study-tips.html
  4. I qoute from this London lanaguage school "the TOEFL is is one of the most widely respected English language tests in the world, recognised by more than 8,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries" so it must be pretty good. see - TOEFL exam preparation course.
  5. There is a great resource here from a london language school that not only introduces an idiom a week but offers a little insight into it's history! - fascinating check it out in their ezone!
  6. Short cuts are fairly common and even if you don't use them, no doubt you will be exposed to others who do use the abbreviations. Here's a great little article (and in it, a link to another slightly longer one) on the topic of text message from a london language school blog post: sms - text message English
  7. wikipedia is good for learning new stuff whilst practising reading english
  8. Hi, I would say make it fun. It can be easy to associate studying as a chore and therefore unpleasant but if you find ways so that you can have fun whilst you are learning it can be motivating - for example - learn a new word every week and see how often you can fit it into conversation! - or watch a funny video, or read a funny facebook post and try to explain it somone, things like that
  9. If know anyone looking for a london language school and they would like to investigate in their own langauge. You can access our website in different lanaguges - For example - http://www.bloomsbury-international.com/it/.
  10. Absolutley
  11. Here's one to get the all rolling! ... Quay - pronounced Kee - a platform build alonsgide or projecting into water for loading and offloading. anymore tricky english words that aren't easy to decifier? ...
  12. We have lots of information and resources here at Bloomsbury Intertional, London in the e-zone section of our website. Please do have a look and try our online english test here - http://www.bloomsbury-international.com/en/student-ezone/online-english-test.html. Let us know how you get on with it .
  13. That is great advice lushlala. Here is a link to a blog post, which may provide helpful advice to anyone who has chosen an london language school and are preparing to travel to the UK - http://www.bloomsbury-international.com/blog/2015/09/25/before-you-arrive-in-london/.
  14. Bloomsbury International is a friendly, independent english London language school in the centre of London offering excellent quality English language courses at affordable prices. Our aim is to ensure that all our students improve their English quickly, reach their learning goals and enjoy their time in London. You will be provided with a personal study plan, as well as individual attention and support throughout your course to ensure that you progress rapidly and achieve your learning objectives. We have a truly international atmosphere with around 2,000 students from over 40 different countries choosing to study at Bloomsbury International every year. Whether you are looking to prepare for an English language exam, improve your career opportunities or just learn English for fun, you are sure to find the perfect course.