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  1. This is a language learning forum, not a job board. Sorry.
  2. I feel like you're advertising it as your own product in a very, very clever way. Therefore, I moved it to that section then.
  3. Wrong site to promote this, mate.
  4. For those who don't know, this is in Spanish. Please include the original language, just so that other people who don't know would know it, this topic won't become a clickbait, and people with no knowledge to Spanish can pass it down to people who speak Spanish.
  5. I would rather do the other way around. Like, put the Spanish word on the front and the answer in English on the back. That way you will force yourself to think in Spanish. Another way is to use relevant images instead of English. Then you will only concentrate yourself on Spanish, but some things can't be indicated with images (like "between" for example).
  6. It looks rather Hebrew to me, though the last character seems quite off. צחמאדמ That's how I see it. I might be wrong, I'm not a Hebrew speaker.
  7. I've never learnt Arabic myself before, but I know some people who did. Based on their opinions, it's a good idea to start off with standard Arabic and then focus on the dialect that is the most relevant to you. And if you can't decide the dialect you want to learn, your safest bet would be Egyptian Arabic, due to the influence in movies and such (just like how American English is the most commonly used variety of English in movies and such).
  8. So basically, you say "if you don't speak French, just STFU and stick with your own language instead". All learners of any language start off with bad pronunciation (unless they exclusively learn the written half of the language, then they will never come to pronunciation at all), so you can't expect anyone who just studies a language to magically sound like a native speaker, it's not how language learning works. In fact, people just need to mirror native speakers to perfect their pronunciation, which always starts off with bad pronunciation.
  9. Welcome to the forum, you seem very enthusiastic about languages. As for your question, you can learn German while in Italy, as long as you have the right materials, resources, and people to communicate with (either online or offline). I've also learnt Japanese without even setting a foot in Japan, and I've also learnt English far before I even met a native English speaker in real life. Another thing I want to note is that out of French, Spanish, Italian, and German, German is not a Romance language unlike the other 3. Therefore, you might notice how much German differs from the other 3 languages.
  10. Leesa, you've got your first warning issued. The next warning is a ban, got it?
  11. Leesa, this is your final verbal warning. We gave you more than enough freedom to spam, go off-topic and bump old topics. The next time you do so will result in an actual warning.
  12. I think it's a really good idea. However, only the site owner can create new sections. I've sent him a PM with a link to this topic and we'll see what he will do.
  13. Please don't spam in topics that died over a year ago.
  14. There are 3 issues actually. 1. Wrong section indeed (no need to open a new topic elsewhere, I can move it to where it's supposed to go to). 2. The lack of using any breaks makes it extremely difficult to read your post and get your question at all. Please use the "enter" key more often. 3. If I understand the wall of text good enough, your question is about Hebrew, right? I can't recall any Hebrew members here.
  15. I would rather say that "ich kenne das du Deutsch spricht" is the correct way. It's the correct word order in Dutch at the very least, my level of German is rather limited, but Dutch and German have nearly identical grammar.