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  1. CourseFinders has also a blog where you can read a lot of things about learning. Here is an article about a learning method: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/3478/wie-du-das-pareto-prinzip-am-besten-nutzt
  2. Hey, newspapers and magazines are also great to learn languages. There are also some special for learners. Here is an article about that topic and which newspapers and magazines exist: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/3475/zeitungen-und-zeitschriften-die-dir-beim-lernen-helfen
  3. Viaggiare: Eine Reise durch Italien (Deutsch)

    Du möchtest das Land ein bisschen besser kennenlernen und eine kleine virtuelle Reise durch Italien machen? Dann schau mal hier: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/3437/eine-reise-durch-italien
  4. Are you learning a language? On our website you can find useful information on languages, on destinations (language learning should be fun!), on exams like the CAE, CPE, CFE, TOEFL etc. and on grammar and vocabulary study. Our blog is in German, there is also an Italian, English, French, Spanisch, Polish and Portuguese section. Interested? Then go to: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary We are happy to see you there!
  5. If you need general information and would like to read articles on language learning in German - please go to our blog http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary There you can find tons of information about language learning, exam preparation, grammar study, learning organisation and much much more. Articles on destinations abroad and in Germany are also included because we think that language learning should be fun!
  6. Sometimes the problem is to decide what to learn exactly. Do you want to just understand the language? Do you want to read it? Do you want to talk to people? Or is it important for you to write letters or e-mails? Most people are, however, perfectionists and want to learn everything at the same time and so they get struggled with their learning process, they haven't got enough time, they don't like their learning much and they quit after a while. What about setting a goal first and then decide what is important for you personally? I wrote an article on this topic for the CourseFinders blog (in German language) - perhaps it might be interesting for some of you! Here's the link: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/2185/die-vier-fertigkeiten-lesen-schreiben-horen-sprechen-was-ist-wichtig-fur-dich Kind regards Christine
  7. Are you interested in getting to know your learning type? Are you a listener, a reader, a writer or do you always need photos or graphics? Read an informative article in German here: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/1572/die-vier-verschiedenen-lerntypen
  8. If you want to stay motivated or to start again after a long break, you could use Wikivoyage for a start. It's a website which talks about countries, cities, regions ... and it's very interesting to read the topics. Here is an article on the CourseFindersGermany blog how to deal with it in German: http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary/1520/wikivoyage-sprache-und-urlaub-zu-hause