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  1. http://polydog.org/index.php?threads/transcripts-for-korean-drama-도깨비-goblin.465/
  2. The link is just Korean dialogs for the drama. For english you'll need to go to places like Drama Fever, etc. http://polydog.org/index.php?threads/transcripts-for-korean-drama-%ED%9E%90%EB%9F%AC-healer.464/#post-6313
  3. I haven't read his vocabulary post, but imo Luca Lampariello is one of the most impressive "youtube" polyglots in the world. The hallmark of his method is what he calls full circle translation (Full circle: Target language (source files) => Native language => Target language). This actually detailed out in the blog A Woman Learning Thai http://womenlearnthai.com/index.php/part-one-an-easy-way-to-learn-foreign-languages/
  4. It could be some sort of a mental problem as you suggest, but that sort of thing is pretty rare. The 3 things everyone needs to learn a language are: 1) motivation 2) time 3) resources Unlike others here I don't think method is nearly as important as these three things. If I had to guess, I'd say you were lacking in one or more of these.
  5. Thanks for the free resource. I took the first quiz, and it was very easy as expected, but my score was only 9/10. Is there a way to see what I missed? I'm very curious now.
  6. Hi Yulia, Welcome to linguaholic. You can promote your site/lessons in this sub-forum, but not in the general forum.
  7. Hahaha - do you realize how many errors there are in your post? You need to learn to just let it go man. If you're not willing to do the work required to reach C1/C2 in a language, then just be happy with your level and don't get frustrated. Correcting native speakers because you think they are in error is a fruitless pursuit, and you are no doubt better off using that time and effort practicing your languages instead.
  8. Your native language is listed as English. Is that a mistake, or are you really coming to this forum to try to improve your mother tongue? As for your question, it depends on the context, but I think it's normally used as an informal way of requesting someone to write something up so it can be evaluated, voted on, etc.
  9. Glad to hear you're doing more than you wrote. But to clarify, I said "normal (not made for learners)" listening. It looked to me like all you're doing is listening to the news for 30 min on some days.
  10. Just out of curiosity - why so little listening? Unless I've misunderstood, it looks like you only have 30 min/day, and not even every day, of normal (not made for learners) Japanese listening.
  11. I'm retired, so no problems here. My schedule: 05:45 get up 06:00-0700 Meet with Chinese tutor on Skype for 1hr conversation 0700-0730 misc 0730-0800 15min L3/15min English language exchange 0800-0830 misc 0830-0900 Put the notes from my moring Chinese conversation into Anki, after researching it in a dictionary 0900-0930 Anki for Japanese, Chinese and Russian 0930-1000 Set the day's diet in cronometer 1000-1100 Cook and eat a large breakfast while playing a Chinese TV show 1100-1130 misc 1130-1200 Chinese grammar and writing practice 1200-1400 Exercise (cycling or strength training), shower and lunch 1400-1430 misc 1430-1500 Chinese reading and listening 1500-1515 Careful watching of a Chinese drama 1515-1600 L3 Reading and listening 1600-1630 Careful watching of an L3 drama 1630-1700 misc 1700-1800 Cook and eat large supper while playing a Chinese TV show 1800-2200 misc 2200 go to sleep
  12. Have you ever had someone, upon learning your proficiency in one or more languages, tell you that you have a natural talent for it? If so, how does that make you feel? To me, it's an insult. They are basically saying that my proficiency just fell into my lap, when in fact I worked very hard for it. The implication is that if they had my gift, they would also easily acquire my same skill. But the truth of the matter is that they lack the dedication to learn a language, so they pretend to have some sort of genetic disadvantage. Nice try
  13. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time suggesting reforms; they will never be adapted. The same is true for any language. Instead of pointing out problems and suggesting changes, we are better off just to resign ourselves to learning the existing system.
  14. Haha - I'm a fan of anyone who's not a fan of Benny.
  15. Only if I can't share the experience with others? I have to disagree with that. Imo, TV is the best single tool for improving listening at the intermediate level. So whether you're immersed, living with native speakers, or completely isolated in Antartica, I strongly recommend watching TV for hundreds if not thousands of hours in your L2.