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  1. Handschuhsheimerin

    Thanks. I just looked at a map of Heidelberg and there's Handschuhsheim in the north of the city. So the word literally means "glove home", I guess.
  2. Handschuhsheimerin

    Here's a random example I picked from Google: "Aber auch Emilie Meier, keine der intellektuellen Vorzeigefrauen, sondern alteingesessene einfache Handschuhsheimerin, findet sich in der Reihe der Heidelberger Frauenporträts." This came from http://ww2.heidelberg.de/stadtblatt-online/index.php?artikel_id=1607&bf=. I've come across the word many times and other than something to do with gloves, no idea of its definition.
  3. Handschuhsheimerin

    Any idea what Handschuhsheimerin means? Handschuh is a glove, but that's all I can figure out. I've come across this word often and the contexts are so varied that that does not help. Trying on line translators and trying dictionaries falls. Anyone know?