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  1. Hi! Does someone know a good French learning app? I'm looking something like frantastique, I really love it! But it's too expensive for me Any ideas? Thanks a lot!!
  2. Castilian or Catalan?

    Thank you, @Blaveloper !
  3. Hi there! I struggle with what to learn.. I mean, I thought that I can start to learn some vocabulary of Spanish, then someone on here asked me in which one I'm interested. So Castilian or Latin. Then I was going through the internet to see what the differences are between both Spanish at all. Then I found out that what I really should learn is Catalan. Now.. Since Catalan is just spoken in the Balearic Islands and some parts on the east coast of Spain, I'm not sure if I should just learn Castilian. On the other hand for what I want to study, I should better learn Catalan. Ugh! So what I'm trying to say is. Either I learn Spanish so I'm able to use this language more often (especially to communicate over language exchange apps or sites, more chances to practice at all), or I'm going to learn Catalan which is used in parts I'm going for vacation. But it's hard to find language exchange partners who speaks Catalan. The one app I'm using for this, there's just one user who's native Catalan. Since you all are into Spanish, what would you suggest? Does anybody know if all people in Spain are able to speak Castilian even though it's not their mother tongue? I'd be thankful for any advise! =)
  4. Hi! I like to use the app HelloTalk, at most to make some conversation in English, and now I started the same with French there. It's a very nice app where you can exchange languages with people from all over the world. There are some cool features like correct each other, voice messages, video chats, voice calling.. Good luck!
  5. Grüezi!

    dänn bini ja scho sehr dankbar, dass du mit mir es normals berndüütsch redsch, @linguaholic ^^ hüt spielt übrigens SCB!! wooohoo!!
  6. First english novel you read?

    Not that long ago.. It was "The longest ride" from Nicholas Sparks =)
  7. Recommended Study App for Spanish

    Check this out: Bilingual Reading English and Spanish, or Learn Spanish - 50 Languages. Good luck! : )
  8. I'm going with Sanskrit - I don't know why, but it really gets me!
  9. @flovo I think that what you are talking about has cultural and political issues. While Romands always are thinking that in the eyes of Swiss-Germans their opinion has less worth, Swiss-Germans don't have this feeling. So therefore Romands rather want to avoid learning German, while Swiss-Germans don't care, or in fact, they try to speak rather in French or Italian to communicate with each other, because they are aware of how Romands and Ticinesi are feeling, and try to make a difference. I hope it makes sense to you, what I am trying to say! I for myself think, that everyone should learn the language they are interested in. Or looking for the reason why someone wants to study a language even. And then I'm certain that you'll find the language in which you'll be passionate in it, and you may understand why it doesn't matter how difficult a language is to study. =)
  10. Grüezi!

    @linguaholic ach, chum scho! Ich has ämel herzig gfunde "Swiss-German" dörfe z'läse! =) Na ja, s'isch scho es birebitz anderscht we das Berndüütsch vo da. Ihr tüend no meh französischi Wörter verdüütsche ^^ Ich erinnere mich ads Grosi vo mim ma mit ihrem: Häsch du cocolüsche? und ich.. han nume es riesigs Fragezeiche gha! Mir sind letschti übrigens ds Twann xi =) Und woni döte ids Resti ds WC gsuecht ha (wo au es Hotel isch), hani so ds Personal und d'lüüt ghört Französisch, Düütsch durenand rede.. Ich ha de Moment gliebt!
  11. Grüezi!

    @ornstein haha! I totally agree with you! A language never should get boring, right? Umm, good question.. I never thought before about which kind of Spanish I want to learn. You just made me headache! No, really, lol. So that's why I visited now Google to understand what the differences are, and guess what? I'd rather learn Catalan than Spanish, lmao! The reason for that is, I like the Balearic Islands plus I want to visit Barcelona one time. I struggle a bit now, because I like to learn languages which are useful, so therefore I'd say Castillian, I read that it's easier to change from Castillian to Latin than vice versa. But on the other side, why should I learn Spanish, when I need Catalan more? @linguaholic Ja, hoi du! Das isch ja cool, han grad freud!! Aber nach dim Dialekt söttsch du eher en Berner sii, oder? Ich bin ämel en Zürcher im schöne Bernbiet, haha! Und jetzt weissi au, werum unter Sprache als Biispiel "Swiss-German" gstande isch! Ich han dänkt gha, ok, ich hetti jetzt eifach "German" gschriebe, aber suscht machis halt gnau. Ich find dis Forum super. Ich chume nämli langsam aber sicher es schöns durenand mitem lerne über, weiss nöd so gnau werum, aber irgendwiä hät mi grad chli ds Sprachefieber packt und um chli Ornig ine z'bringe, hani dänkt gha, es Forum woni chli cha uflischte wenni was wett lerne, wer scho ke seich, haha! Und danke füre Tipp! Aber we du villicht obe gläse häsch, sötti gschieder Katalanisch we Spanisch lerne.. Diä Sprache sind ja anschiinend überhaupt nöd mitenand verwandt! Liäbi Grüess usem schöne Bernbiet : )
  12. Grüezi!

    ..and hello to everybody! As you can hear I am Swiss, and living in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland. I'm used to hear many languages since I was a kid. You may know, that we have three official languages: German, French, Italian, and one inofficial: Romansh. We might have regions in there's just one spoken language, but all products on here are written in the three languages - and if I'm abroad anywhere, I'm always looking for the German writing on the products, but as you can guess already, without any success! Anyway, I'm actually trying to study three languages: English, because it's a language that all can speak, even if it's just a little or a few words it is the most used language to communicate international. And to me, it sounds very cool! ^^ You guys are speaking in riddles with all your slang. BUT.. One day, I'll solve it, that's the Rumpelstilzli mission. I focus on the American English. French, because I love to hear that sound! You do know what I mean, don't you? ^^ It's like music in my ear and balm to my soul. Even though we had French in the school, I've lost a lot. Fortunately, I understand simple sentences very well - nah, not just "Bonjour, comment ça va?". I try here a restart, and I hope that I'll be succesful! Spanish, because it's on fire! I always connect this language with spirited and passionate life! ..and of course some vacation too ^^ It's a language in where I am a total beginner. I mean really, I just know "hola". So therefore, I'll start with to get some vocabulary, and I'll be happy already! I don't learn any languages by grammar rules, honestly I have no idea about any kind of grammar, but I trust into my intuition. We'll see in the future how far it gets me. Well, enough blah blah for now! I'm looking forward to have a good language learning exchange on here, and can't wait to read about all your experiences, ideas, and and and! ..see you soon on here!