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  1. German T and D are different from Spanish T and D What are the technical phonetic terms of the classification of these letters T and D? That is : I want to know the technical terms - Dental / Fricative / Palatal / Uvular how they are classified. Help.
  2. I am from Kolkata, India. India is such a country where you become more or less fluent in at least 4 languages [ Mother tongue, Hindi(National Language), English] by the time you reach the end of high school and Bollywood songs teach us Urdu everyday. I always had an affinity towards Muslim culture, so learnt Urdu (reading/writing) and continuing Arabic whenever I get time. Learnt Italian - the only one easiest language of Europe because of its clear Phonetics. Italian led me to Spanish eventually - the most popular foreign language of the World. I became fluent in Italian and somewhat fluent in Spanish from the constant exposure of the news application in my Phone which helps me read news from every part of the World. Changing the Display Language of my Computer also helped the daily exposure to the languages I learn. Duolingo website also helped me in reaching my goals quickly. Russian is my recent endeavour - always liked those hard to pronounce words Bengali has an unique alphabet which accomodates sounds combining Branches of Latin, German, Asian. Let's see the examples. 1. Latin Branch languages such as Spanish Italian Portuguese lack the hard T or D sound - Bengali includes it. 2. German Branch languages such as German Dutch Norwegian does not have the soft T or D of Latin Branch - Bengali includes it. 3. Nasal sounds of French Urdu and Chinese are available in Bengali. I believe Bengali people can learn any language on the Planet. ------- BOOKS ------ Complete (Urdu | Italian | Spanish) Mastering Arabic The New Penguin Russian Course - Nicholas J. Brown