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  1. How many words per day on memrise?

    I've never used memrise but I view 50-75 new cards in my Anki decks every day for Spanish, English and Swedish.
  2. Could any of you check my Swedish pronunciation? Please. Here is my recording: https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/xu6hyi5tg0sgwz22 Here`s the word list: snö, hel, byta, bita, fluga, kung, prata, mat, matt, hål, kylskåp, skön, kön, björn, gräs, svärd, magnet, ben, sten, resa, ögonbryn, övrmorgon.
  3. It`s good to know that there`s someone from Sweden. Perhaps, in the future I`ll ask you to help me by chatting with me via Skype. For now, I`m at level A2 with my Swedish so it`s too soon. I got those minimal pairs from forvo.
  4. This method: https://sendvid.com/v7r7ffmv Forvo (a site with recorded words-mp3). You have to be registered to download files (it`s free): http://forvo.com/ An images searcher; http://images.google.com/search?q=Type+your+search+here&tbm=isch&sout=1 Anki: http://ankisrs.net/ Dictionary: http://www.spanishdict.com/
  5. I want to ask somoeno who is a Swedish native speaker to read and record a few minimal-pairs (similar sounding words) for me. So any Swede here?
  6. Does anybody know any book (or a course, a film etc.) about teaching English without knowing students native language? I mean students who begin studying English or are at most at level A2.
  7. What do you think about usinng Memory Palace for remembering a target language vocabulary? http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Memory-Palace
  8. Muchisimas gracias, amigo!
  9. Babbel

    I`m going to try this application (on android) for Spanish learning and I`ll let you know about my impressions.
  10. Where can I test my Spanish level for free? I`m looking for at least a descent online test.
  11. http://phandroid.com/2014/07/09/best-android-apps-for-learning-spanish-japanese-languages/ I just found it!
  12. This is not my method, I just found it at another internet site and I`m curious, what do you think about it.
  13. Is there any? If not, I think that is a good idea to create it. Edit: Got it! Where have my eyes been.
  14. I`m learning both languages (Sapnish and English) and I see many similarities in grammar (tenses) and in vocabulary (cognates). I guess, I see them in grammar due I`m a Pole. In Polish language we`ve got only three tenses. Any way, thereby I`m fluent in English, I`ve a lot less problems with learning Spanish, especially with the memorization of vocabulary.
  15. @Blaveloper Dziękuję, kolego! Actually, I`ve started to use SpanishPod101 but after a couple of days I lost motivation to use it because, like you just wrote, it looks like a scum... But I`ll give it a try once again. I`ll definitely try InnovativeLanguage. Thank you once again. What do you think about Lang-8? Have you try it?