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  1. It is indeed a conjugation. It conjugates the adjective stem into an adverb. For i-adjectives you remove the last い, and place く;as for the な-adjectives you use the に particle right after the adjective. 一般的 means : "general" ; while 一般的に means "generally" 優しい means ; "gentle : while 優しく means "gently" I hope this helps.
  2. Olá! ¡Hola! Hi, there!

    Greek is also a greek choice in my point if view. I am turkish and there are many greek people around here in my city. The way they speak , and that great literature is something to die for. Maybe I should be the one to get inspired from you and learn Greek someday
  3. Olá! ¡Hola! Hi, there!

    If you are looking for the "exotic" , try far eastern languages. They sure are interesting in many aspects. I hope you can achieve what you aim for here
  4. Since it gets hot when used with direct flame , please do not touch with bare hands..... (the 2nd kanji to the end cannot be read due to the lighting so I couldn't translate the last sentence very well.) Also I'm new to Japanese so if I translated wrong please do correct me.
  5. For Turkish learners...

    If anybody out there is learning turkish , I am a native speaker and I might be able to help and answer your questions if you want to. My LineId is ; berkaydogan98 I can also help with english too. Good studies everyone!

    I will consider what you guys have wrote and act accordingly to it. Thank you again for answering , good luck in you language studies.
  7. I have a question and I have been wandering this a lot lately. Is it possible to learn chinese and japanese at the same time? Would I be confused with kanji-hanzi pronounciations. Japanese is pretty hard when you consider its grammar rules , how about chinese? I have been learning japanese for about 5 months , can you feed me with some much needed knowledge? Thank you again.
  8. Set phrases in Japanese

    I couldn't have thanked you enough. The content is beautiful. ありがとうございました!