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  1. Ich will mein Deutsch echt verbessern! Hoffentlich kannst du mich auch helfen. Ich bin so lange in Deutschland gewesen, und jetzt bin ich wieder in den USA...seit 3 oder 5 jahren. Mein Deutsch is echt schlecht geworden. Hilfe.
  2. Why German?

    I lived there, and it's where my son's father is from (and still is).
  3. I got excited seeing this thread! But if I list all my favorite songs, this is gonna take all day. Most songs off all albums of: Die Ärzte Madsen Wir Sind Helden Juli Silbermond Die Toten Hosen Wizo and probably more that I can't think of off the top of my head right now.
  4. Yes, when I was in Germany. Most people learn English as a second language, at least basic English. My son's father is from there...however, he doesn't know much English. So we always speak in German (mine's a little botched up, but I think it was quite better when I lived there).
  5. Duolingo

    YES! It's awesome, the way it makes you have to re-do things you messed up in order to move on. And it's free!
  6. I use Duolingo. It's probably not as good as sites/ apps you need to pay for, but I'm broke and it's my best bet. I really found "Let the Right One in" awesome. Thought about learning the language after that.
  7. Why do you want to learn swedish?

    Honestly, I chose it out of nowhere on Duolingo. And I don't like starting things without finishing them.