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  1. TL: German, NL: English

    Hallo. Ich heiße Wolfstein97. I would like to brush up on the German I forgot and continue on learning it. I also would like a buddy to help me develop my conversation skills with it. In short, I want a teacher and study buddy. Reply to this message if interested. I'd rather learn on here or I can give you my gamer e-mail and study in private. To answer questions before asked, I do not have facebook, skype, or any of those social medias. I refuse to text someone I haven't personally met. I just have e-mail and this forum as an option. Danke!
  2. Um ... Hallo ...

    Um ... hallo. I'm obviously new here. I want to learn German and Latin. First a quick personal intro. I'm a 19 year old second year college student going to graduate in a year, majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology and music. I'm a mother of two cats (and two hermit crabs, in a way). I would like a dog or three and a horse, but that may never happen. at least the horse. I'm big into music. I love 60s to 80s rock, film/game soundtracks, German folk music, classical, baroque, and romantic era music, Five Nights at Freddy's fandom music, modern German rock music ..... and I also play instruments. I've played violin since 4th grade and percussion for two? years already. I briefly learned the trumpet and wish to continue that. I also have tried to self teach myself piano and guitar. I'm also into the German culture and history. So, I have a really long story with regards to languages. Sorry for the long explanation for an intro topic, I'm usually a woman of little words but I though this is a little relevant for this place. I will try to keep it short though. I always wanted to learn German ever since I was a kid. I did learn some from a neighbor before she died. She at least inbeded the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10 in me. So for about a decade I self taught myself most of the vocabulary. In my senior year in high school, I transferred to a public school where I took German I. I absolutely loved it and passed with a perfect score, mostly because I knew half of it and the new stuff came natural to me. Now over a year later I've forgotten most of it. That's why I'm here. Also, I want to learn Pennsylvania German too because of the obvious. Unfortunately in my community, I'm the second generation that does not know how to speak it fully. We mostly only know a handful of phrases and some vocab. The grandparents forgotten to pass on the language so it is becoming a dying language for us. Good thing the Amish still speak it otherwise PA German would be dead overall. And yes, I am Pennsylvania German (or Pennsylvania Dutch as you Englischers call it because Deutsch sounds like Dutch). As for Latin, I only had two years, and it was as a prep for Spanish. I did okay in it. The grammar was really hard, I'd say harder than English. I was forced to learn Spanish for two years too in high school. The Christian private school I went only offered Spanish and I wished they would have allowed me to continue Latin instead. I was rebellious in that class (I even hated the private school overall in high school). I'd try to knew twice as much German for every time I was forced to learn Spanish. Not to mention the teacher was horrible despite the fact it was her native tongue. All she really did was preach about how bad things like wigi boards were sinful. I didn't want to learn Spanish anyways, for many of reasons. So hallo to you all, and hope to see you around.