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  1. I'm using every video I can find of different native speakers. It's fair game even if it's just them describing their day. Also, I'm using Korean produced media content like shows, music, etc...
  2. I appreciate Hangul quite a bit. Looking at it feels really comfortable for some reason. But, I don't think I'd use the word beautiful. Maybe sensible? I'll agree with a few others here that the Japanese and Chinese scripts better fit the beauty description.
  3. I agree with others about which language is easy or difficult. At the moment, Mandarin seems the most difficult for me out of the ones that I've looked at. But, some friends that didn't speak English as a first language (or any germanic/latin sources) tell me that English was a huge pain to learn.
  4. I know this is mainly about software and methods, but out of everything I've tried the most beneficial constant was a genuine desire to learn. I think if you have that you'll be successful without any software at all.