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  1. Hallo! My name is Doğukan (ğ longers the vowel before it and softens it in Turkish) and i am Turk-Kurmanji living in Istanbul.I am 15 years old and i always loved German language as i encountered it in classical music,operas and strategy games also history which is my favourite subject (this definition is too weak,let's say i am living with history,i am really informed about history despite my age).I decided to learn it in 2016 September as we started to see German lessons in school.I was not able to effectively study it because i had lots of depressive events and a load of other things to do.But i am really eager to learn it.I love Austrian Empire and Germans do indeed have a really rich history and their language makes it just better.I am on the level where i can speak a short,simple conservation with an English and Deutsch speaker and i think i can go to a German-speaking country,stay here for 1 day and be able to say what i need.Anyways,i joined this forum to meet other German learners,native German-speakers and taking advices from them.This forum seems great!