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  1. Hindi: झूठ और बदनाम! German: Lügen und Beleidigungen! Italian: Menzogne e calunnie! Indonesian: Kebohongan dan fitnah!
  2. Why did you choose Hindi?

    Well, I became interested in Hindi because of the speeches of a Far Cry 4 character named Kalinag. I enjoyed the sound of the language so much that I wanted to know what language was and learn it. So I did some researches in Internet, and when I found that that language was Hindi, I started learning it immediately.
  3. Hi from Italy.

  4. Hi from Italy.

    Hi, I am Nikhtar, I am 21 years old, and I am learning Hindi, German and Indonesian. I also plan to learn Farsi (aka Persian) and Turkish. आप से मिल के खुश हुई!