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  1. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Can you write the entire alphabet of your native language? Do you know of a language called Sanskrit? Do you know what happened to it? Do you realize your native language is going the Sanskrit way? Your entire culture and identity is built around your language. When you lose your language you lose your culture and identity. The damage can be irreversible if just one generation skips learning their native language. PASSIVE LEARNING - THE COOLPHABETS WAY The biggest barrier to learning any language is mastering the alphabet. Learning the alphabet can be very stressful, especially rote textbook learning. How can we learn and teach our kids without this stress? We need a passive way of learning. We need a way where learning does not feel like learning but more like fun. A way where learning happens always and not during designated study hours or home works. COOLPHABETS enables learning world languages through beautifully designed high-quality household products and innovative, engaging, intelligent mobile apps. Alphabets are at the core of everything we design and deliver. The object could be a t-shirt, a mug, a pillow, or an iPhone cover. These objects are much more friendly than a textbook. A child surrounded by such objects passively imbibes the alphabet in a stress free way. We call this passive learning. In this method learning does not happen instantly, but whatever is learnt is retained for a lifetime. Once the alphabet is learnt everything else comes naturally. Psychologically, having COOLPHABETS in the house makes your language more ‘agreeable’ to your children as they grow up. Your kids will then be able to teach their kids who in turn will teach their kids … and so on.