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  1. App creation

    Dear all, I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis about how a mobile language learning application can facilitate the language learning process. For that particular reason, I'm curious about the limitations of other methods and applications and find out what elements can be incorporated in an application to make the language learning process easier. I would highly appreciate it if you guys could help me with this research project by filling out this survey. (I hope I posted it in the right here). Thank for the support! cheers https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHVFDCjK2JqUX_z_hwmQ6BJgXrDFnOs454mbPNA-3lrJKXMw/viewform Danny
  2. Dear language enthusiasts, I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis about language exchanges and its impact on the language learning industry. I would therefore be very grateful for all the language exchanger's willing to take 2-3 minutes of their day to fill out a survey to enhance the quality of my research. Thank you in advance! http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=536315 Your answers will solely be used for research purposes. Kind regards, Danny