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  1. Hello all, I am carrying out an investigation on the purpose of code-switching (switching between two or more languages) in text messages as part of my English Language AS linguistic investigation. I am specifically focusing this investigation on bilingual individuals (only French-English or Portuguese-English speakers) who have examples of code-switching in text messages (this includes text messages in apps e.g. WhatsApp). PARTICIPANTS: If you decide to take part in this investigation you will be asked to send an e-mail to: cs-investigation@hotmail.com with an attachment of as many screenshots of text messages you are willing to send where code-switching has occurred in a conversation. These screenshots must include the date the conversation occurred.Once data (screenshots of text messages) are collected each participant will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will be based on the topic of bilingual code-switching.All screenshots of text messages that are sent to the researcher, will be used as evidence to indicate that the participant agrees in taking part in the investigation and agrees to their data being used.CONFIDENTIALITY: The data (screenshots of text messages and questionnaire) of this investigation will be kept strictly confidential. All names will be blanked out and all data will be anonymised. YOUR PARTICIPATION: Participants are allowed to withdraw at any stage of the investigation, for any reason.You have the right to ask questions about this investigation and to have those questions answered by me before, during or after the research. Feel free to contact me: cs-investigation@hotmail.com if you have any further questions about the investigation. Also, if you would like to read the final write up once finished, it can be sent to you.