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  1. Transcription

    Wow, 60 minutes ? Do you have any Skype account or something similar to talk about this projet ? Anyway, let's keep talking about it by PM :).
  2. Is it a quote from one of Gad Elmaleh's show ? Otherwise, I do not find it that funny neither ^^
  3. Transcription help

    Hi Jasmine ! Did you get your transcription ? I tried to watch the video (as I am a native French speaker) but it isn't available anymore ...
  4. Hi gjp, Well, the truth is ... it took me 10 seconds to get it (at least, I think) ^^. I think you can understand it only by saying it out loud": "Vous êtes d'où? Oui." is nonsense, it means "Where are you from? Yes." BUT "Vous êtes doux? Oui." would be translated by "Are you gentle? Yes I am." Both are pronounced the same way, but everything here is a question of spelling. Hope I could help you properly ;).
  5. Transcription

    Hi gjp ! I think I can help you ;). Could you send me the link to this video ? Regards,