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  1. learning russian grammar

    Hiya! I've started learning russian using Memrise because Duolingo I dont like so much. What do you guys prefer, Memrise or Duolingo? What I dont like about Duolingo is that you are typing english words while i want to do as much russian as possible. Aside from vocabulary and some basic grammar.. i need to dive deep in the grammar now.. Is there any online book i can get cheap or some other place where to practice with grammar online?
  2. Upside Down Punctuation...

    oh i am glad to read that it is ok to leave it out. It saves effort trying to find the key.. is it also OK to leave it out in official documentation/documents?
  3. Weird idioms/sayings

    haha these are great. sorry for replying so late.. maybe the topic isnt active anymore but they are muy divertido
  4. As a former language student abroad, I hope this will help others too. I set up a site to analyses language schools and helps students find the right match. The site connects people with former students and gives a clear overview of the different price packages the language schools have on available. Have a look at my website where you can compare spanish schools in spain
  5. Hi, I started a project of comparing language schools abroad as I've studied for some time in Spain, I started with this. The website is still a bit of a work in progress but it is getting along. I compare the language schools and calculate their cost down to the minute so that you get the clearest picture of the cost will be without any hidden fees or being surprised by very short lessons. You can also speak to former students of the language schools. Have a look at the website.. it is going to be the best to Compare language schools and learn language abroad . Thank you!
  6. Hi, My brother and I have a bit of an argument about the idea that language translation software will become better than real translators. I agree that it is inevitable but we disagree on the timeline. When do you guys think translation / real life voice translation becomes so good that nobody needs to learn languages anymore (grim future i know) I wont say my estimate yet, but i am very curious what others think and why. Thanks!