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Found 17 results

  1. Hello! I'm a twenty-year-old philosophy student, and I'm currently studying the Swedish language as some kind of personal challenge. I speak Dutch and English fluently, but I feel like I should know more languages than just two. I find Swedish one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and really would love to speak it fluently one day. If there is anyone who would be interested to just chat about (and in) the language sometime, that would be very awesome! If you are trying to learn Dutch, or just like talking about any subject really, I'm always up for it. If you are Swedish, or happen to know the language really well, and would like to help me out, feel free to leave a reply! I prefer to speak through a network like Skype or Discord, but if you have an alternative, feel free to let me know. I can send my contact details through a PM. Best regards, Springstof // Jesse
  2. Lingopolo is a great free language learning tool: http://lingopolo.com/ It is still at an early stage of development but is already very useful to learn to speak Thai, French or Dutch. You can help improving the content of the website and promote your language! Find more information here: http://lingopolo.com/volunteer
  3. Can someone help me translate this old writing? I found it on the back of an old painting (portrait of a woman). I don't know what language it is, maybe German or Dutch. Please see the attached file for the writing. Thanks.
  4. Lingopolo just became 100% free and intends to become the Wikipedia of the language-learning world. You should definitely try it: http://lingopolo.com/
  5. Hi, I am 15 years old and live in Belgium. I've made my own language based on Dutch, since that is my native language, so I wanted to ask you what you think about it. It has grammar and spelling rules. Exemple: Minyèr é Mifrå Düllin, få Privet Drive Fire, šin ghát trót på så det šé pèrfèk normol šin ghát, tak jã yèl fèl. Šé šin ghát mèst låt mènzh jã fèvak bã ýits rår šin bãtrèk-bin, utát šé ýivün ní myètun på det usin. Minyèr Düllin šin ghát direktör på è firma nåm-bin Grüniñs, vi bórzh mákh ghát. Hã šin ghát è gru, flèši mann mit binå ní nek, mó hã yèb ghát è yèl gru snòr. Mifrå Düllin šin ghát tünn é blãt é yèb ghát binå Tvó mall normol iufèlet nek, vá nüsik šin ghát utát sã só fèl tit turbrèñ ghát á še kik uur tûnièkzh, á še spiòner på bürzh. Düllinzh yèb ghát è klėn són nåm-bin Dudli é i hün mènin r šin ghát ní bèr yuñ tó hün. Transaltion: Mr and Ms Dursley, from Privet Drive four, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you expect to be involved by something weird, because they don't participate to that nonsense. Mr Dursley was the director of a firma called Grunnings, who/that made drills. He was a big, meaty man with almost no neck, but he had a very large moustache. Mrs Dursley was skinny and blonde and had almost two times the normal amount of neck, which was useful because she spent so much time watching over gardenfences, spying the neighbours. The Dursleys had one small son called Dudley and in their opinion there was no better boy than him. (From Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J.K. Rowling) GRAMMAR So for past tense (e.g. he was) I used the verb 'šin' (to be) and I add 'ghát', from the Dutch word 'gehad' (had), so you say 'Hã šin ghát direktör', which litterally translates to 'He is had director'. You also don't inflect verbs, so you say 'ö šin, jã šin, hã/sã šin, vi šin, yul šin, šé šin' (I be, you be, he/she be, we be, you be, they be). If you have a past participle you have the verb and you just add '-bin' (e.g. nåm-bin (called)). The bin is from the Dutch word 'ben' wich means 'to be', so you litterally say 'to name-to be). You don't use articles, so instead of 'the cow is eating' you say 'cow is eating' (ku èt). For the plural form of a word you add '-zh' so 'ku' (cow) in plural will be 'kuzh' PRONOUNCIATION: å ~ far ã ~ where š ~ shoot é ~ may è ~ where zh ~ like š, but softer ò ~ pork ó ~ boat ö ~ further ü ~ Für Elise u ~ you ñ ~ long The 'r' is rolled like in Spanish (or Dutch, or any other language with a rolling r) So thank you for reading the full article, and I'd love to know your opinion, thank you very much.
  6. Learning dutch

    Hi Guys The names Moe, just joint linguaholic... Im a currently staying in South Africa, Johannesburg. I will be moving to Amsterdam holland before december 2016. Im currently learning dutch and preparing for the basis sexamen. I will be taking the test at the pretoria dutch embassy. . If theres any other students like me out there... i would love to be in contact with you...as this would help us broaden our knowledge as to learning dutch...and also would love to make new friends. Hoping to hear from you guys soon☺ Moe
  7. Basisexamen Inburgering

    It's no secret I am currently getting ready for the basisexamen inburgering. I hadn't discussed this openly before because for several reasons I have so many questions regarding to the exam in itself, because I have heard so many things from people who have taken it one or two years ago, but it seems they have changed the way they conduct those exams. It seems they no longer use computers and now they use humans to check the student's answers. I'm also not sure, but it seems they removed the ''nazeggen'' sections as well as the 'verhaal'' one as well, but I actually need to check if that it's true. I have already checked the practice exams: http://www.naarnederland.nl/en/category/voorbeeldexamens and those sections no longer seem to be part of the speaking exam. Does anyone know if this is a fact? Someone who has taken this exam in the last 6 months? I'm starting to get nervous! I was told all i have to do i memorize all I have learnt from the language pack we bought ''Naar Nederland'' and I should be fine.
  8. That is right, I am moving to the Netherlands pretty soon, and I need to practice the little dutch I have learnt so far. I am willing to help you practice English or Spanish. I can also help with any doubts you might have regarding the Spanish or English language, like for example some grammar or orthography issues. I'm just looking for someone to practice Dutch with, I don't expect you to plan whole lessons for me or anything like that, I only need someone to practice with and clear grammar doubts as they come. I expect you to want the same thing from me. Send me a PM here if you want my Skype id.
  9. Hi all, I'd like to introduce a new app called MemoLingo. It's an addictive game but whilst playing we hope you will also learn new words in a new language. (or test out a language you vaguely know). Please give it a go and provide some feedback. We are actively looking to improve based on the responses we are getting. We think our app is less boring that the other language apps out there and are on a mission to make the most fun and effective language learning app! There are 10 language to choose from Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and more will be added soon. Please help us out. You can find more information here: http://www.memolingoapp.com available for IPad, IPhone, iPod: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1055010946 available on Android play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trianglecarrot.memolingo actually free on Android Amazon app store: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Triangle-Carrot-Ltd-MemoLingo-Languages/dp/B018BTCHGQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1449827244&sr=1-1&keywords=memolingo
  10. Basisexamen Inburgering A1

    Hi guys, just two weeks ago I had to take the Basis Examen Inburgering. I haven't gotten the results yet, but I am confident I passed ''Leesvaardigheid A1'' and ''KNS'', but not so sure about ''Spreekvaardigheid A1''. It was such a long day for me, I couldn't sleep the previous night and I was in a different city I didn't even know (I had never been there and that place is so damn huge! I was scared actually!). They delayed the exam a little too much, they had already told me it'd be 30 minutes later, but it ended up being a whole hour. I was very upset about the fact that they used words that weren't in the course sold by the Dutch government to those wanting to take this exam, the ''Naar Nederland'' course. Not at all. I was lucky I came across this site: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/lessen There I learnt a lot new words (still learning actually). I thought it was so shady of them. I actually plan to write to DUO to let them know what I think, but I will wait until I get my exam results If you plan to take this exam... get ready to find and hear words that weren't even in the course. You must learn as many words as possible so they don't shock you with strange words you don't even know. Try to learn the basics, like for example the names of foods, fruits, vegetables, clothes, body parts, places vocab, music, professions, weather, etc. Also be aware that during the Spreekvaardigheid you might be asked about topics that were never covered in the book, so be wary of that. And yes, check out the practice exam at the official Naar Nederland site, if you are lucky you will get the same questions (valid only for Spreekvaardigheid) during the real exam, but it's really about look, because they have at least 6 different combos for each exam. The guy picks them randomly, some harder than others. Anybody here has taken this test? What did you think of it? Did you pass it the first time or had to take it a second time? Please share your experiences, I am looking forward to hearing them!
  11. Hi guys! It's been a while since I passed my exam, sadly I haven't studied dutch since then I'm still waiting for my MVV, I decided I'd wait to get it in order to start learning dutch. Otherwise I might fail miserably because this waiting is stressing me out so much, it makes me so nervous we haven't hear from them in over a month, but I know it takes them around months tops to take a decision. I just can't focus. So my new plan is: get a sub to Dutch101 once I get to the Netherlands and take it from there I might consider paying a bit extra, so that way I can get the personalized help from a Dutch teacher. I will get a job as soon as possible, so I guess I will also get to practice the language and hear an everyday dutch. This is odd, but I can't wait to go back to learning Dutch I'm starting t like it Wish me luck guys, waiting is so hard!
  12. Memorizing new words

    Hi guys, I am officially studying dutch again My grammar is ok, now I need to learn more words! I need to do that so I start using the language more and start understanding more of what I read and what people say. I'm not sure what to do about this though, can anyone give me some advice on this one? I was using Memrise, but it gets kind of boring after a while and I got stuck building my own list. Any kind of advice, tips or sites that might be helpful will be greatly appreciated
  13. Dutch vs Afrikaans

    So, I am from South Africa, and my native language is Afrikaans. It is derived from Dutch and is so similar that an Afrikaans person and a Dutch person can communicate effectively. I just thought this thread would be fun to check the differences between the two languages. I will give an example dialogue in Afrikaans, then we can see how it comes out in Dutch, and just discuss the grammar around it. Goeie dag, my naam is Jan. Dagsê Jan, my naam is Piet. Hoe gaan dit met jou Piet? Dit gaan goed en daar, Jan? Dit gaan baie goed, dankie Piet.
  14. I made a web application to look up words or expressions in dialogues from movies. This way you can see how these words are used idiomatically. http://www.subasub.com It also translates words to give you some idea about them beforehand. The main feature though is the ability to learn immersively from the dialogues. It currently has support for these languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian. I would be very happy to get some feedback on it. Maybe you are missing a feature or you would like another language etc. It is still under active development, so there are probably a few things to improve on. Larion
  15. So close!!!!

    Well, it's official... I am just 8 weeks away from taking that very important exam I've been talking a lot about all those months. It's official, the fees for the exam are paid, the plane ticket is there, the embassy appointment is confirmed. And here I am... hoping I'm already well past the A1 level in dutch. I wish I could say I feel very confident, but I really don't feel that confident yet. I still have to memorize 100 questions with their respective 100 pictures D: And to my horror... yes... I will only have one minute to answer each question. Everything is timed. As if taking that exam in a city so far from my on wasn't stressing enough. I'm not organizing well I think, I am reviewing the course from lesson 21 til 65. At least online, getting more familiar with the content, I still have to review lesson 1 til 20 though. Then memorize those 100 questions (even though I will only need 30 of them - they will randomly pick them). I hope my brain doesn't act up (I've a serious neurological problem) and my memory doesn't go blank! I just feel I might not be doing enough I haven't even completed my brain maps! But this week I hope I can do it. I also hope I can complete my Memrise course, but I've been thinking I might have to restructure it. That basically means more work Oh well, I just hope I can pass that test!
  16. Hello to all linguaholics out there! My name is Ania, I'm 32 and I live in Poland. I was born in Ukraine and spent most of my life in Russia, so I know some Ukrainian (mostly passively though) and my native language is Russian. I speak fluent English, Polish and French. I'm studying... also English and French as well as Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German. I live in Warsaw with my partner (he's Polish and is currently trying to master English and German) and my cat Barbara My non-language hobbies are: - reading (pretty much everything but especially psychology, self-help, nonfiction, romances, thrillers and poetry) - listening to music (in all languages I can more or less understand, mostly pop, oldies, musicals and anything Disney) - playing computer, phone and board games - cooking and baking - growing plants on the windowsill - writing stories - drawing - doing logical puzzles, sudoku, crosswords and so on - knitting, embroidering and creating things with my own hands - playing with my cat, feeding ducks and generally cooing over animals - sorting, renaming, improving and generally taking care of my huge collection of ebooks and music files I'd love to meet likely-minded people who enjoy learning languages. If someone is also a fan of pink colour, morning coffee and vegetarian food, that's even better
  17. I've found some really useful resources that might come in handy for people getting ready for the basisexamen inburgering (A1). Most of them give you a clue of what you will see in the actual exam, but I must admit I'm not sure if all those exercises (in that modality) are present in the real exam. The naar Nederland practice exams: http://www.naarnederland.nl/en/category/voorbeeldexamens Perfect to get ready for the KNS: http://toetskns.nl/ Ad Appel material (reading): http://adappel.nl/lesmateriaal-2/ Taalspot: http://www.taalspot.nl/ My favorite one: https://basisexameninburgering.nl/ I hope someone finds those useful! I might post more later UPDATE: It's confirmed, Mr. Thijsebaard himself told me (via e-mail) the real exam contains the same exercises as the ones seen in the practice exams (the modality - not the actual questions). The exam was completey revamped back in December 2014!! So yes, its structure and content has changed. THANK GOD!!!!