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Found 23 results

  1. "En medio de su caos vehicular en horas pico, su maraña de cables, rebrotan de día sus construcciones patrimoniales, su gente, sus secretos y recovecos; y a la noche, esas mismas edificaciones cobran vida con el color de sus juegos de luces." I'm struggling to understand 'rebrotar' in this context. It is a tourism article about a city in Paraguay. Any suggestions? thank you
  2. Hi, I'm working in the freight forwarding agency and very often drivers that come to our office cannot speak English. I would really like to help them, so I've prepared the sentences we use most often to translate into as many languages as possible. I have already Polish, French, and Russian translation. If you could help with for example Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish, Macedonian, German, Czech, Romanian, Greek and Latvian, it would be great! What is your truck / trailer number? Do you have any documents with you? Are these all the documents you have with you? What is your trip number / reference number? Can you check in your sms? Do you know what is loaded on your truck? How many packages? You need an export document. You need an import document. You need a transit document. Your documents are in the blue box. Go the customs office with the documents. It will take... 15 min / 1 hour. Come back for …. 1 hour Go next door to... Go to the customs office. It’s the next building. Drive to the customs office at the Swedish border. Go to the customs with these documents and then come back to our office. We don’t have any documents / order for this truck. . Call your boss. We need an e-mail with the order. The company that makes your documents is…. We are waiting for the documents / for an e-mail / for a call. The customs office has to investigate this case. Come back tomorrow. Thank you very much in advance for your time and help!
  3. Let me know what you think! I am right here, helping you with your English any time you need! I can translate from French & Spanish to English, vice versa, so I will be using this tool to teach my readers. Enjoy my page!
  4. Hi everyone! I want to talk you about Parlam, a website where you can fins online transaltion jobs. Parlam is a market place for translators and for the person who need them, a place to find the others. This model of the marketplace connect both parties and offers several advantages. From the perspective of the complainant, he will be able to have native translators in several languages, including minority ones, receiving a professional service. For the translator, this business model allows you to earn peace of mind because it ensures the collection and fairer margins, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries. Parlam was born seven years ago in Barcelona with a platform that helps large companies manage large volumes of translations in multiple languages. In addition to great savings, Parlam allows you to manage 1,000 simultaneous translations in 10 languages, with many translators and proofreaders, without having to send a single file or email. All automated through its platform. Check the website to find more information!
  5. Sometimes I have to translate a text from English to German and I have an intresting technique that produces good results: I mainly use Google Translate, but also Bing (better for some short texts). I set Google Translate to the source language and the target language, then I get the result and I change the target language and the source language. I will change the initial text, in general to be more explicit and less idiomatic, until the result has the same meaning as the original. I In the end, I just need to know if the translated text has any serious incongruity. Can anyone good in Germany language help me point out some relevant translation problem?
  6. Hi, Could someone help with the transcription of a French video? In exchange, I can design a new logo, birthday/wedding invitation or something similar for you Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have received this knitted brancelet and I would like to know if this have any meaning. Could you please help?
  8. Buenos días...!

    Hola a todos...! I found this forum and I just couldn't pass a chance to become a member. I am not a student per se, I am actually a professional instructor and I know that I will find many students who may need help or assistance with their Spanish. I promise that I will not fill my posts with ads about how great I am as an instructor...! If you have any questions or doubts about Spanish, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Esto es todo por ahora, CésarT.
  9. Hello, Could you please help me translate the following sentence into English: Voici une terrible causerie, ma chère enfant; il y a trois heures que je suis ici. - This is the first sentence of a very well-known letter by M-me de Sevigne. I cannot figure out what is the actual meaning of this phrase: Voici une terrible causerie... Voici une terrible causerie - it cannot be a "Here is a terrible conversation/talk..." It makes no sense. Is there another meaning of the word "causerie" ? In the English translation of this letter the translator simply omitted these words, could not make sense of them either, I guess. How would you translate this sentence? Thank you for your help.
  10. I had this sign on my house covered by another sign. I tried doing Google searches & translation pages, but no one seems to be able to help me. To me, it looks German or an off dialect incorporating German... but IDK. Here's the image link, I couldn't upload it directly: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_fymXvk5zciRmwwckxMbUFuVWs/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks for looking. Also, thanks in advance for any assistance.
  11. I'm looking for a translation of the song Ex De Verdad by Ha Ash. It's a Spanish song with a lead female singer. This is the part where it gets a little interesting. I don't want it translated to English. Rather than that, I would really appreciate a French translation of the song. If anyone knows the French translation, even just a part of it, please let me know! I'm hoping the song doesn't lose any meaning depending on how it's translated.
  12. Are there books that you wish were translated into your native language? I have a lot of those. There are some excellent fiction and nonfiction books that I've read in English that I really enjoyed and I'm pretty sure my Polish and Russian friend would love too. Unfortunately, not all of them speak English, and the books have never been (and probably will never be) translated into Russian/Polish. Each time I keep thinking - why does it happen? Why so many really rubbish stuff gets to have a professional translation, but so many wonderful books never get the chance? Do you also have the same problem or is it easy to find the books you read in your native language's version?
  13. Hoping this post doesn't violate the ToS of this forum, I'd like to introduce you to something exclusive and available for any French speakers who desire to understand Chinese the way I do. I have been intensively learning Chinese in China for the last 5 years in order to get ready to become a CH-FR interpreter. If you are learning Chinese and want to have a text translated into French, go on this website www.fiverr.com/shyre2kin/translate-200-chinese-characters-into-french/ and do not forget to say you want to know why I translated it that way. Along with your translated file, you will get a text file which contains the explanation and reasons of such translation. Believe me, it will change your way of learning Chinese
  14. Translation Apps

    When you are not using Google Translator, do you use any other translation app. Do you know any translation app that is more accurate than Google Translation. I want a translation app that can translate English in Nepali language.
  15. Hi! I would like to make wordlists in swedish and have people collaborate in translating the words to different languages. The end result ideally would be to have the swedish wordlist and to be able to change what language translation you want to look at, next to it. Do you know of any platform that would be suitable for this? My plan is to make lists of the most common words used in different subjects in school. Translated to the different languages students speak in the country.
  16. -Please, I need help by translating the following passage: In this regard, The reports of the Polish ambassador in (Washington, London, Paris & Brussels) provide a shocking insight... This man increased his campaign of incitement in January 1939. In a message on (January 4 1939) to the US congress he threatened to take every measure short of war against the authoritarian countries.
  17. Hi, I learned that it's pointless trying to use online translators to figure out grammar of a language and such, forums with actual people are the only thing that works:) Can anyone here translate the English sentence "kids from the highland" into French?
  18. Bonjour à tous, I need some help with my translation of this text. The top is the original and the French at the bottom is what I've changed it to... Can you read this and see if there are any grammar issues/words that are translated wrong? Merci beaucoup! Ashley ANGLAIS: At a loss for words: Jean-Luc Godard’s new movie plays wicked games with subtitles The world’s critics, gathered in Cannes to see Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film last week. Godard’s art of subtitles sent the hordes screaming after three minutes. How dare he? How dare he translate only one word in five? When a character on screen said “L’argent est un bien public”, the English caption on the screen read “money public good”. With never more than three words on screen, widely spaced and sometimes even joined together, no pronouns and no verbs, Godard did what no other film director will ever dream of achieving: say merde to reality. He has just signed his own suicide note with his latest film, aptly named Film Socialisme. By refusing to play the game of subtitles, Godard is making his film unexportable outside the ever-shrinking Francophone world. But even there, his film requires Francophones to have a smattering of German, Italian and Russian as whole scenes in those languages are not translated at all. When Franco-German politician Daniel Cohn Bendit asked Godard two weeks ago about translation, he replied that he didn’t believe in it. It is perhaps no surprise that Godard subverted his subtitles for a film that takes place on one of those anonymous Mediterranean cruises where thousands of people of a dozen different nationalities are forever crossing without meeting. Godard rejects a world seemingly brought together by globalization that has in fact created a new cultural Babel wherein the new lingua franca, English, doesn’t pacify or unify. “Don’t translate, learn languages,” said Godard to Cohn-Bendit. The New Wave enfant terrible may well have a point. Adapted from: Agnès Poirier, Guardian Weekly, 28 May 2010 FRANCAIS: Les mots se manquent : Le nouveau film de Jean-Luc Godard joue des espiègles jeux avec des sous-titres. Les critiques du monde, réunis à Cannes pour voir le dernier film de Jean-Luc Godard la semaine dernière. L’art de Godard de sous-titres envoyé l’essaimage crie après trois minutes. Comment oser-il ? Comment oser-il traduire un seul mot dans cinq ? Quand un personnage dans l’écran dit « L’argent est un bien public », le sous-titre anglais lire « money public good ». Avec ne plus de trois mots jamais dans l’écran, espace largement et parfois lié même, pas de pronoms et pas de verbes, Godard a fait quel aucun autre réalisateur irait rêver accomplir : dire merde à la réalité. Il a signé justement son propre not de suicide avec son dernier film, avec une grande pertinence appelée « Film Socialisme ». En refuserait a joué le jeu de sous-titres, Godard fait son film inexportable à l’extérieur de constante diminution monde francophone. Mais même là, son film exige des francophones d’avoir une poignée de l’allemande, l’italien et le russe car des scènes entières dans les langues ne sont pas traduire du tout. Quand le politicien franco-allemand Daniel Cohn Bendit a demandé de Godard il y a deux semaines sur la traduction, il a répondu qu’il ne croyait pas en elle. Ce n’est peut-être pas de surprise que Godard subverti ses sous-titres pour un film qui se déroule dans une croisière anonyme méditerranéenne où des milliers de gens qui une douzaine nationalités différentes sont toujours croisement sans rencontre. Godard a rejeté un monde apparemment mis en contact par la mondialisation qui a en fait cru une nouvelle culturelle Babel dans quoi la nouvelle lingua franca, anglais, à ne pas faire calmer ou unifier. « À ne pas faire traduire, apprendre des langues » dit Godard à Cohn-Bendit. La Vague Nouvelle enfant terrible c’est peut-être à un point. Adapter de : Agnès Poirier, Guardian Weekly, 28 mai 2010.
  19. I have a CA coming up, and I need to be able to ask two questions in german. It's basically a mock interview for a fake job, and part of the criteria is me asking two questions back at the interviewer, in german. Perferably questions that will give long answers like: Do you like the work here? Do I need any formal training to work here? How long have you been working here? What would the job consist of? How many hours would I have to work? stuff like that. Any two correct german questions about work would be great, tho!! Thanks :¬)
  20. Dear friends, Let's share some online resources that are handy for translation work. I've already seen some people mention certain sites, but it would be great to have it all in one place and not in many threads. For translations into and from Russian, I can highly recommend Multitran - it helped me with some really difficult technical words many times: http://www.multitran.ru/ For German-Polish and vice versa Pons online dictionary has been surprisingly helpful: http://pl.pons.com/t%C5%82umaczenie/niemiecki-polski For various language pairs, these three are all very good resources: bab.la wordreference.com linguee.com If you know any other useful dictionaries and sites, please share them here! Thank you all! Ania
  21. I am very interested in translating other cultures specific books especially their traditional legends or any kind of stories. Now, my aim in this, is a mutually beneficial one since everybody wants to introduce their culture to the whole world. I offer any person to find me an english version of one of their interesting traditional story so that I can translate it into my NL (turkish and kurdish). and what is more, can anybody tell us what is the copyright for such a translation? shall we contact to the writer of the book? or can any cultural ministry do so? for example let's say I am going to translate a book on an anonymous legend. shall I contact to the writer? or is there any other detail? shortly, how can I find a traditional legend to translate and how is the copyright issue done?
  22. Hello all, I'm sure you've come across products that had labels/ingredient list/user manual translated to several languages. What puzzles me is that occasionally I find very strange differences between these. I mean - labels are not poetry or drama, so the parallel translations should basically be the same, for as long as the language vocabulary/structure allows it. But then I look at a packet of dried apples in the supermarket. It's a German brand and it has at least 10 languages on the back of the package. It says "Ingredients: apples, sulfur dioxide" - in German, in French, in English, in Spanish.. and then suddenly it's just "Ingredients: apples" in Polish. What? Isn't that giving false information to consumer? Another example - we have a microwave in our office, and on its top there's a long label with "Warning: surface may be hot" in at least 7 different languages. I can say for sure that it's this and nothing else for English, German, Italian and Spanish. But then in French, all of a sudden, it says "Warning: surface may be hot, make sure young children are not allowed near". Hmm. Why is that? Don't they care about German-speaking "young children"? Or do they think French mums are much more likely to leave their poor little ones near a blazing hot device and then just go away?? And it goes on and on. Just today I've discovered that one of my shirts has a long label inside, with most European languages in there, and for all of those I know it says "Distributed by an Italian-based company X". However, in Russian all of a sudden it's no longer "distributed" but "manufactured", and that's a blatant lie - the shirt was manufactured in India. Does anybody know what's all that about? Thanks! Ania
  23. I was wondering if any of you ever came across something like a online dictionary for idioms / metaphors? Of course it is possible to find some idioms / metaphors in regular dictionaries but they usually provide just some easy ones and especially only short ones. But what about whole phrases? The only online dictionary that comes to my mind that can actually (sometimes) translate this kind of phrase (idioms/metaphors/metonyms) is linguee.com because it actually provides translations for whole phrases (and always shows you the results in the actual context). The context I am talking about is usually sentences / paragraphs. So in fact, the dictionary is based on parallel corpora gathered from many different internet sources, such as documents from the UN and so on. (The UN has tons of parallel documents for all the official UN languages). So, if you have NOT come across such a thing as a online dictionary for idioms/metaphors, would you think such a thing would be useful? Would you use it on a regular basis? I'm curious to hear what you think about it.