The list of kanji (JLPT level 2) (part 1)

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Hello everyone. Today I want to share the list of very usuful kanji with you. I suppose that you familiar with JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test), having passed which you can live and even work in Japan. So, today I want to give you the list of important kanji to pass JLPT level 2. If you have level 2 than it means you can fluently speak in Japanese. One more thing, taking into account the fact that this topic is quite capacious I have to divide the topic into couple parts. So, if you find this information interesting, please leave a comment and I will continue posting JLPT 2 kanji. Therefore, if you learned all the kanji from this list that would mean you can pass JLPT level 2 for sure:

Note: katakana means Chinese reading of a kanji, hiragana - Japanese reading

1. 皿 [ベイ , さら] (bei, sara) - dish/a helping/plate

2. 湿 [シツ, シュウ , しめ.る, しめ.す, うるお.う, うるお.す] (sitsu, shuu, shimeru, shimesu, uruosu,) - damp/wet/moist

3. 肯 [コウ , がえんじ.る] (kou, gaenziru) - agreement/consent/comply with

4. 詞 [シ] - (shi) part of speech/words/poetry

5. 枝 [えだ, シ] (eda, shi) - bough/branch/twig/limb

6. 蒸 [ジョウ, セイ , む.す, む.れる, む.らす ] (jou, sei, musu, mureru, muraasu) - steam/heat/sultry/foment/get musty

7. 沸 [フツ , わ.く, わ.かす] (futsu, waku, wakasu) - seethe/boil/ferment/uproar/breed

8. 帽 [ボウ, モウ , ずきん, おお.う] (bou, mou, zukin, oou) - cap/headgear

9. 綿 [メン, ワ] (men, wa) - cotton

10. 涙 [ルイ, レイ , なみだ] (rui, rei, namida) - tears/sympathy

11. 疲 [ヒ , つか.れる, つか.らす] (hi, tsukareru, tsukarasu) - exhausted/tire/weary

12. 恋 [レン , こ.う, こい, こい.しい] (ren, kou, koi, koishii) - romance/in love/yearn for/miss/darling

13. 偉 [えらい] (erai) - admirable/greatness/remarkable/conceited/famous/excellen

14. 胃 [い] (i) - stomack/paunch/crop/craw

15. 域 [いき] (iki) - range/region/limits/stage/level

16. 因 [イン, ちな.み, よ.る] (in, chinami, yoru) - cause/factor/be associated with/depend on/be limited to

17. 羽 [ウ, ハ , はね] (u, ha, hane) - feathers/counter for birds/ rabbits

18. 泳 [エイ , およ.ぐ] (ei, oyogu) - swim

19. 越 [エツ, オツ, こ.す,  こ.える] (etsu, otsu, kosu, koeru) - surpass/cross over/move to/exceed/Vietnam

20. 煙 [エン, ケム, けむ.る, けむり] (en, kemu, kemuru, kemuri) - smoke

21. 奥 [オウ, オク , おく.まる] (ou, oku, okumaru) - heart/interior

22. 察 [サツ] (satsu) - guess/presume/surmise/judge/understand

23. 黄 [コウ, オウ, き] (kou, ou, ki) - yellow

24. 温 [オン, ヌ , あたた.か, あたた.かい, あたた.まる, あたた.める] (on, nu, atataka, atatakai, atatamaru, atatameru) - warm

25. 召 [ショウ , め.す] (shoo, mesu) - seduce/call/send for/wear/put on/ride in/buy/eat/drink/catch (cold)

26. 菓 [カ] (ka) - candy/cakes/fruit

27. 拾 [シュウ, ジュウ , ひろ.う] (shuu, juu, hirou) - pick up/gather/find/go on foot/ten

28. 婚 [コン] (kon) - marriage

29. 式 [シ] (shi) - style/ceremony/rite/function/method/system/form/expression

30. 険 [ケン , けわ.しい] (ken, kewashii) - precipitous/inaccessible place/impregnable position/steep place/sharp eyes

If you want to pass JLPT 2 it`s very importing for you to know all the readings (both, Chinese and Japanese). Good luck!

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I know most of them from Chinese. However, some of them are used a little bit differently or are not considered to be very important (frequent) characters when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese. 

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This is amazing list! The language lovers will love to learn all these kanji. Yomuzoku, being an online Japanese course also helps the Japanese learners to get familiar with the language.

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