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Most beautiful writing script   56 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the most beautiful writing script/alphabet ?

    • Chinese (Hanzi/漢字)
    • Japanese (Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana)
    • Arabic
    • Manchu
    • Korean
    • Latin Alphabet
    • Cyrillic Alphabet
    • Tagalog
    • Futhark (Runes)
    • Hebrew Alphabet
    • Tibetan Alphabet
    • Sanskrit
    • Some other script/alphabet

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I learned some Bengali in college, and I think it's lovely.  It's a bit more rounded than Hindi.  I wish I had a good picture to post!  I used to be able to write my name in it, but it's been years and I'm very out of practice.
Arabic is also lovely.  I can see why Arabic calligraphy is used as decoration.

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I voted Latin, but now that I look at it, I think Arabic is the most beautiful script of all. It has really graceful and sensual lines and it's beautiful to look at, even if I don't understand it. The Chinese and the Japanese scripts come a close second and third. 

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I really like Arabic. It looks like a very old language but it looks very cool. Now as far as beautiful, I think that the Chinese scripts are the best. They look really good.

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I've always found Sanksrit very beautiful, so I voted for it.

There was no Georgian language on the list, but that's another one of my favorites, aesthetics-wise. I'm surprised it hasn't even been mentioned yet.




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I am sure all languages look beautiful to those who love the language. For me, the Arabic script is fascinating. It is so flexible and fluid. It can be written to form pictures, so beautifully.


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Easter Island had it's own unique writing style but as yet it hasn't been deciphered. It does resemble hieroglyphs even though there isn't a connection between the two.


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I personally believe the Greek Alphabet is the most beautiful. The script is so pretty and fluid looking. I just find it extremely aesthetically pleasing. I am learning modern Greek as well. Here are some things in Greek:

Γειά σας. Πώς είσαι;

Είμαι καλά, ευχαριστώ πολύ. Κι εσύ;

Έτσι κι έτσι. Αυτή είναι η μητέρα μου.

Χάρηκα για τη γνωριμία.

Κι εγώ. Τα ξαναλέμε!

Αντιο! Τα λέμε αργότερα!

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I appreciate Hangul quite a bit. Looking at it feels really comfortable for some reason. But, I don't think I'd use the word beautiful. Maybe sensible? I'll agree with a few others here that the Japanese and Chinese scripts better fit the beauty description.

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