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Improving ESL Students' Vocabulary

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Hi everyone. I currently tutor a few people via Skype in French, Spanish, and English. Often the people that I tutor ask me if I can recommend any video resources for them, so I have started making video resources on a YouTube channel called "Azren the Language Nerd". So far, it has been going decently. However, I am having some challenges with creating videos around vocabulary! I have now had 2 of my ESL students ask me to make videos about English vocabulary on YouTube.

I am struggling to think of a way to create meaningful & helpful videos to help people improve vocabulary in a video format. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be done? 

Thanks in advance! :)

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Well, I would grab the book "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis, copy the format in that book, and create amazing videos using that format. In fact, if you can find the old 1990s version of this book, it would be great. The old book is really thin and can be read through in one sitting. It has sold hundreds of millions of copies across the world, so the man must know what he's talking about.

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