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I would like to promote my language web TriLinguis:

a place I have recently started from where three languages will be taught online: Czech, Spanish and English.

For now the Czech section exists on the web as I´m yet trying to figure it out.


I have a Phd degree and a lot of resources. So if you are interested don´t hesitate to leave me a message!

See you soon, Jana:)


Connect me on fb:


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Hi there,

I'm in a similar situation, but I don't have my own web (if I have undesrtood correctly), but I'm starting to work in

It's not bad al all, in case you want to give them a look. They're looking for teachers also!

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    • By Serrrgio
      Now that I've been using it for a couple of weeks I can say taht it works properly, both in a technical and a economical level. I've found this online learning platform looking for skype exchanges with French and Italian natives (in free plafforms almost nobody show up even in the first meeting). At the first moment I said "oh oh, pay..." but actually is not bad. Registration is free and rates are fixed by teachers (qualified natives) and tutors (natives). Since my goal is to learn some Italian and practise French for free, I've become tutor, and help other guys to learn Spanish; and I use that money to learn Italian and French.
      It works, so I wanted to share it with you. I was on time for opening great offer, I don't know if it's still running...
      Ah, the link:
    • By Serrrgio
      Hi there,
      I'm starting to work as a Spanish tutor (to have informal conversation in my native language) and as a Spanish teacher (to give formal lessons, since I have experience) in a new web called Lingostan. Is a website which goal is to put in contact (through platforms as Skype) people who want to learn a foreign language with people who want to teach their native language.
      Since I'm trying to get some audience there, I'm interested in spreading the word... Well, the web is launching, so they have an special offer for students: 3 free trial lessons and 10USD in their wallet to use them to book other future lessons. Not bad at all. Really free: no catch, no credit card required.
      The good point for me is that teachers and students can schedule the sessions as they prefer, and also the price. I've tried free websites to practise and the problem is that 99% of people set a meeting and they never show up again (there's no commitment in these days guys, as my grandma says; of course, she says in Spanish...)
      Well, as I told you, the web is just starting. This is the reason why the site now is completely free. This is a sort of “beta version”. Usually tutors and teachers will be payed by students, but in this case is the web who pays, to check if everything works. The web is quite simple compared to others, sign in is easy, and they don't ask for any payment data. What I mean is that this is not a cheat.
      Too good to be true? Just check it...
      I'll be glad to read all your comments (or questions, if I can answer them...)
    • By Lily of the Valley
      Hi guys! I am excited to share with you my website with online language courses: Beyond the Language Barrier. So far I've created a Business English course (which is free!), and an Italian for beginners course (you can check the first couple of lectures for free). I am now working on other courses but I what I'm trying to focus on is keeping people motivated to learn a language, I know how hard that is sometimes. 
      Anyway, I am open to all sorts of feedback, and suggestions for other language courses.
    • By Marina Languages
      Hello! I am Marina.
      I am a qualified language teacher and native Spanish speaker with experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
      I love languages and I also combine my Spanish teacher job with teaching English and Italian to students from different parts of the world.
      You can visit my website to book a free trial session and learn more about the Academy.
      Be welcome to Marina Languages!