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Has anyone tried Lingoda yet?

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Hey there! As it says in the topic already I want to find out if Lingoda is an option for me. I want to learn german but I am not sure if this is the right way to do it. I have a tight time schedule and need to be flexible so I like the idea of learning online via skype. Also I need a B2 certificate which is offered by them. At least it says so on their homepage....

So my question is: How is the quality of teaching there? Is there anyone who tried it already and can tell me if its worth it? And did anyone try the coupon code "op3t94"? I was said it there is a discount of 50$ when booking the first time. But I am afraid of trying since I don't know if I could cancel if it does not work :D

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I feel like you're advertising it as your own product in a very, very clever way.
Therefore, I moved it to that section then.

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