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HI everyone,

In the next three months I’ll be working on revising and re-filming my Master Grammar course for language learners. I want it to be as applicable and as useful as possible. Let me know what topics you want covered and how - from vocabulary to grammar (as I’m making this for you, the student), in these 5-minute surveys:

Survey for language learners
Survey for MFL Teachers

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    • By richardstelmach
      I'm thinking of creating an app to help people learn languages. 
      I want to understand further how people learn and would really greatly appreciate 1 minute of your time completing this anonymous survey:
      No sign up required.
      Many thanks in advance,
    • By hello_world
      Hi there,
      I am an interaction design student at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada. For one of my courses, I am designing an application intended to aid the process of learning a second language. 
      Currently, I am conducting some research to learn more about the needs of teachers and learners in this area. If you have 10-15 minutes of spare time, I would very much appreciate your input on the survey(s) below:
      For teachers:
      For learners:

      Thank-you for your time!
    • By M4tze
      Hi Community,

      at University I am working on a term paper about Language Learning Systems. (Basically platforms like Rosetta Stone, Babbel etc.)
      My Focus is to evaluate criteria for the perfect platform/system and how integration into the educational system should be handled. I would be happy to get some opinions and preferences from you! Here is the link to my Survey, it will take you round about 5 minutes.

      Thank you very much in advance!