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¡Hola! Estamos buscando a personas que estudien inglés para probar la versión alfa cerrada de nuestra nueva app para aprender inglés basada en tecnología machine learning. Si te gustaría probarla, consigue tu invitación en trysecretapp.com

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Provide an English translation of your post too.

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    • By rdemeij
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    • By thebritishgirlfriend
      Hi there everyone, 
      Although language has always interested me, I found this website in search of a place that might help me find resources to learn Marathi. 
      My partner's parents are from India, despite them speaking English I thought it would be a good gesture if I tried my best to learn some Marathi before I go to visit them in August. As well as it just being a caring thing to do, the festival Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi is happening whilst I am visiting - I thought it only right to try to learn some of the language they speak when they have kindly invited me into their home at this time. If anyone has any suggestions, or could point me to the right sub-forum to ask for help in that would be greatly appreciated. I have already been to my local library trying to find books, but they only had Hindi learning books. I also have an app on my phone, but it is very basic and my partner has confirmed that it isn't using the right grammar. Any help would be awesome
      For anyone interested; I speak a very small amount of German on account of the fact my grandmother lives there and my mother grew up there. I am nowhere near fluent, but I thought that might interest all the language buffs  
      Thank you for reading,
      thebritishgirlfriend x
      (realising now 'thegbgf' may have been a more catchy username haha)
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