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черт и черта

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Всем привет!
I'm learning russian and i'm not only interrested in speaking/writing the language, but also into its history, and I found a similarity
between two words: черт (devil) and черта (line). Is there a link between these two words which seems to be similar ?

Thx in advance. ;)

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I think they're as similar to each other as a car and a carpet are.

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They don't have similarities at all. They are just written and spelled in a similar way.

"черт" is a word that means "devil".

"черта" means "line". But its used more rarely for this. There is another word for a line: "Линия". It's used more frequently.

"черта" is used more for some idiomatic expressions, like "провести черту над чем-либо (like "put a line in a sand" in English)"

Another meaning for a word "черта" - "черта характера" - means some feature of a persons character (something about his temper, etc)

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