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taoufik el karkri

Hack your language learning process

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    • By pallantejm
      We're growing our #Slack community of language teachers who'd like to share resources and materials! 
      Join now! 
    • By Pavel
      Hi, everyone!
      I'm native Russian speaker, just started to learn German (few months) and want to have practice, also i'm fluent in English
      I can also help with learning of Russian! 
    • By Tsufi
      Hi! I'm Ryan, 17 years old from the US. My main goal is to learn German, preferably from a native speaker, but if you're fluent I'd gladly accept your help I can help you learn English in exchange too, as it's what I'm fluent in. If you're interested please leave a response, thanks!
    • By Veronica
      Hello, everyone! 
      Many people want to know another language, but not so many want to actually learn it. And it’s understandable as no one likes studying. But what if I tell you that there is another way? That learning process can be exciting and enjoyable. Simply because you will learn a language doing whatever you like! 
      Basically, I've created a book dedicated to learning any language as easily as possible while enjoying the process!
      It's called
      I intend to share what I’ve discovered for myself over the years and hope that it’ll help you as well!
      First of all, here's a sample of the full book:
      It’s not a full version, but you can still find simething useful in it!
      And a full book is here:
      Good luck on your language learning journey!