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Marco Aplysia

Help translating a short sentence from a Japanese ABC book

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  I recently started studying Japanese, and I decided to try reading a Japanese ABC book, "ぐりとぐらのあいうえお". I thought it was going to be easy enough. It kinda is, but I got stuck with this sentence that uses a sentence structure, and verb tenses that I am not familiar with.

The sentence is the following:

んとまあ んじん いたら っこのひげが びほうだい。

Can any of you help me with it?




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こんいちは is wrong, it's こんにちは.
This is a common mistake made by beginners, since you would write 2 N's in romaji, but if you press the N key twice while writing hiragana, it'll turn into ん, so you'll need to press that key trice, followed by the I key.

有難うございます by itself is not incorrect, but the Kanji form is hardly ever used.
Instead, ありがとうございます is the way to go.

As for the sentence, it's quite unclear.
I can see they talk about carrots and beards, and the fact it has a grammatical structure of "if you ..., then ...".
But that's all I know about it.
Reading Japanese without Kanji AND without context can be quite a challenge though.

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