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Valar Morghulis- all men must learn english? Just kidding..! I'm a argentinian woman trying to upgrade mi english skills. If someone wants to practice spanish, I'm here! We could talk about books, movies or another topic. ✌️



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Hi Pipi! How are you doing?

I've just joined this site trying to find people with whom I could practice my English skills, specially speaking.
I know you posted a search for a native speaker, but I wonder if sharing the effort to learn the same language could be helpful.
I was living in Ireland for a couple of years, I feel quite confident in a conversation, but I know I need to improve my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
I hope you would be interested.

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Hello @pipilopez and @raul, I'm a native English speaker, with a good standard of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation - I am studying Spanish. Happy to buddy with either of you - I am hoping to develop my Spanish skills if you're up to it.

You can reach me at my email first, where we can discuss how we wish to communicate

Hope you're interested!


E-mail: mcginnfinn2@gmail.com

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