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Tutor Mandarin

The best 5 Chinese apps for learning Chinese in 2017

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Do you know what are the 5 best apps for learning Chinese this year 2017? I’m going to tell you about 5 very useful Chinese apps that I’ve used for learning Chinese and are your best bet to learn in 2017! First, you had to find and purchase study materials. And, even if they were good study materials, you still needed to find a native speaker who was good at teaching. If you didntl live in China or somewhere with a Chinese speaking population (aka the whole Western world!) this was very difficult. Read the full blog here.

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      China is a very big country with long and established traditions and customs. One of the well-known traditions is the Chinese people love to play with words and their meanings. After reading this article, you'll understand more about the tradition of using good luck #Chinese symbols as decoration. Read the full article here.
    • By marta
      I found two study guide for hsk level one and two.
      Chinese Characters and Vocabulary For Beginners: A Study Guide For The HSK Exam; Level 1 Puzzles (Volume 1)
      Chinese Characters and Vocabulary For Beginners: A Study Guide For The HSK Exam; Level 2 Puzzles (Volume 2)
        The character searches in these books are organized thematically (greeting, restaurant, work, school etc) and will help people learn by presenting the material for different learning styles. you can search the words with Sherlock Holmes.. I like the idea of having Holmes helping you find the words.. Marta